where the edge forces the trajectory


Leaning on words

Without a word

A white plum tree’s blossomed.

……Muso Soseki

our bodies, like trees, move forward without us noticing….in spite of our lack, we bloom…..in spite of our discomfort, stillness persists…..clarity is a radical act…..with this one conviction, nothing is abandoned……

I stand at the edge of a life made shorter by illness, and can’t help being pulled out of the present moment into mourning my losses, courting my fears. I sigh over my lost prowess as a hula dancer, I fear the day when I will be unable to lift a spoonful of lime jello to my lips. But we all stand at the edge. The present moment is itself an edge, this evanescent sliver of time between past and future. We’re called away from it continually be our earthly pleasures and concerns. Even now you may be thinking it’s time for another cup of coffee and one of those blueberry muffins. Seems it’s always time to be doing something other than what we’re doing at the moment. While reading in your chair, you find yourself thinking about last night’s argument with your spouse; you’re thinking that it’s time to rake the leaves, check your email, get some sleep…. The present moment, like the spotted owl or the sea turtle, has become an endangered species. Yet more and more I find that dwelling in the present moment, in the face of everything what would call us out of it, is our highest spiritual discipline. More boldly, I would say that our very presentness is our salvation; the present moment, entered into fully, is our gateway to eternal life……Philip Simmons

the shining halos closing in with the sound of wings…..

When you put your mind to such a simple, innocent thing, for example, as making a water color, you lose some of the anguish which derives from being a member of a world gone mad. Whether you paint flowers, stars, horses or angels you acquire respect and admiration for all the elements which go to make up our universe. You don’t call flowers friends, and stars enemies, or horses Communists, and angels Fascists. You accept them for what they are and you praise God that they are what they are. You desist from improving the world or even yourself. You learn to see not what you want to see but what is. And what is is usually a thousand times better than what might be or ought to be. If we could stop tampering with the universe we might find it a far better world than we think it to be. After all, we’ve only occupied it a few hundred million years, which is to say that we are just beginning to get acquainted with it. And if we continue another billion years there is nothing to assure us that we will eventually know it. In the beginning as in the end, it remains a mystery. And the mystery exists or thrives in every smallest part of the universe. It has nothing to do with size or distance, with grandeur or remoteness. Everything hinges upon how you look at things…..Henry Miller

8 thoughts on “where the edge forces the trajectory

  1. I see what has been called ‘isness’ in this message. Until we step into the present moment, fully alive, fully real, then we become connected to the motion, the swirling of our selves through spec, an we become filled with awe for eternity is not just time, not just space, but it is the quark and the muon, it is the Red giant sun, that baffles our understanding, yet finds a calm acceptance in the soft bristles of the artists brush … Be still and know that you are God … Blessings for this sacred time of waiting ….

    • nothing gives such sweet relief as the pause in between moments….the pause at the end of a breath, the pause within a creation of beauty, the pause of knowing we are here……love this, ‘calm acceptance’……indeed, may this sacred moment be filled with light g.f.s…..

  2. I especially like Simmon’s notion that our highest spiritual discipline is dwelling in the present moment. I don’t think I am alone in finding this to be a difficult discipline, but as the title of his book suggests, there are still blessings in these imperfect lives we live.

    • we learn to seek gratitude as our way of finding ‘enough’ in this gift of the moment….it is our humble lesson we learn through over-thinking, judging, and feeling lack…..may you find this humanness to be full of sacred blessings on this Easter morning Mark….

  3. I agree with HM in that in a billion years, we will be no closer. At the end of this day, I will be no closer, yet I will have been blessed with 86,400 seconds (moments) in which to immerse myself in the joy of both knowing and unknowing……. And there, our treasure – not in the destination, but the journey. The bliss of life is in the living; the joy of love in the loving. May your day be filled with wild lily and unexpected bunny blessings. Happy Easter, my friend. Indeed, we are blessed children. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • oh, the remembrances, bold and raw and beauteous in their stark and unfinished ways…..filled with gratitude I am today, so that I may know and unknow with renewed vigor…..may spring colors be soft and light-filled Bobbie on this fine Easter day….I really love bunnies……

  4. So Good. No surprise to me that you have another remarkable post on Easter Sunday. I look forward with anticipation to your posts each day. Thank you for the light you bring into my life each day. Dave

    • This is a special blog community, and we all share these slivers of life…..I, too, am grateful…..may your heart be full of Easter blessings…

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