will meet you on the heart path….

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The point in life is to know what’s enough-

With the happiness held in a one-inch square heart

you can fill the whole space between Heaven and Earth.


when we look at old definitions of ourselves and our loves, we see where we are lost, where we hide, and where we live in dreams….when we reignite the heart of our bone-driven soul, remnants of our essence find vastness in a kiss…..we open once again..

How I love people. I love how we root and bloom, how we twine around each other and reach for the light, how as far as we grow in the dark of the Earth is as far as we stand in the world. How being human, we are always charged with the vibrancy of a larger presence. In truth, we mirror everything living as we climb and stumble our way up the mountain to the cliff of yes. I recognize each person I come across because I am each on any given day. What matters is whether I shun those who bear my flaws or help them up; whether I turn away when this larger presence seems too strong or keep my birth-eyes open; whether I find a way to meet what is incomprehensible and somehow draw strength from it. What matters is if we can make it to the cliff of yes and shout our secrets to the sky till Heaven is the song we choose to sing on Earth. Perhaps this is the work of love: to hold nothing back. Brother David-Steindl-Rast reminds us that ‘I believe’ means ‘I give my heart to this.’ All of us are roots and shoots in the human garden. As far as we root in the earth is as far as we sprout in the world. Each of us is destined to find our particular path to the light, so much depending on whether we choke each other or not along the way……..Mark Nepo

the road to the heart is always fresh, humble, and immediate….

Green Apples…..

In August we carried the old horsehair mattress

To the back porch

And slept with our children in a row.

The wind came up the mountain into the orchard

Telling me something;

Saying something urgent.

I was happy.

The green apples fell on the sloping roof

And rattled down.

The wind was shaking me all night long;

Shaking me in my sleep

Like a definition of love,

Saying, this is the moment,

Here, now.

…..Ruth Stone

4 thoughts on “will meet you on the heart path….

  1. Unmistakable how many now moments exist in our lives … An infinite numer that confronts us to choose, right here, right now, life wants you to know … We step into it or beyond it. If beyond (or past) how can we ever know life – existence?
    Sending you moments in your day.

    • what a celebration of our life…..inviting us to remember……thank you for your ever-present poetic sensibilities g.f.s…..smiling into the next moment…..

  2. I love this, Blue. I’m sure you’ve known those times when the night woke you up, your name said so clearly that you were absolutely certain that someone (somewhere) was speaking it. They come less once we realize the voice is our own, calling us into moments of divine ‘this’, a joyful moment that we dare not sleep through. The starlings beat against the edge of light, and for a moment, breath doesn’t seem that important……… Love to you, Bobbie

    • it happens when something deep is insistent….such a sense of relief wells up with the dawn when I ‘know’ how it all fits together in the tapestry of light moving on with the day….it’s really not about life, it’s about truth…….in honor of the poet’s truth-seeking….thank you for being true to that….blessings Bobbie…

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