the persistence of illusion through the heart of humility

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Looking inward is a straight line to the one,

looking outward are multiple branches into the many.

Yet, lest we forget, this whole tree is itself identical

to the mysterious ineffable One

transcending both one and many.

….Thomas McFarlane

we cross the abyss of ourselves many times, in many ways….diving into illusion…inviting us and sometimes demanding that we remember, surrender, and transform…..we swim across to the home that lasts….

The nature of cycles is to go round and round, creating dependable patterns that give us cues as to where or how to move. There is also the cycle of the Hero’s Journey, a path we take daily and throughout our lives as we answer the call to adventures. Joseph Campbell says, ‘Full circle, from the tomb of the womb to the womb of the tomb, we come: an ambiguous, enigmatical incursion into a world of solid matter that is soon to melt from us, like the substance of a dream.’ Cycles are at the root of the circular nature of life and keep us in touch with its impermanence. They both spring from and recoil into an ineffable origin- and then they cycle all over again……Lori Bailey Cunningham

encountering a pilgrimage….

One breath

and in breath-

know that they are proof that the world

is inexhaustible.


2 thoughts on “the persistence of illusion through the heart of humility

  1. Each and every day, I get the opportunity to relearn myself ~ to meet within the sacred realm, a me made sweeter by my own recognition. It is that divine interaction that defines the rest, for always my love for others is rooted in love for self; forgiveness in my own fragile surrender.

    The waters may be deep, but the reflection is intoxicating. Love to you, Blue. ~ Bobbie

    • such a sweet reminder to be ok, to simply be and the rest finds its way through to authenticity… comes back to that intention of realness….to integrity of spirit…to soul nourishment……such a blissful calling Bobbie…..

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