the small, vague & ragged utterance


Life is jam-packed with possibilities to get overwhelmed or anguished or angry or lustful with everything that is pulling at us. Life is so compelling! I think the greatest difficulty or stumbling block towards integration is that we’re swimming upstream. This practice of waking up and living out of clarity and kindness and compassion is actually a very countercultural kind of behavior. That is to say, in spite of whatever happens, maintain a mind of wisdom and a heart of love……Sylvia Boorstein

that screaming voice in the back of our minds is very much like the sweet, quiet contentment in the heart…..they simply have their own inner knowing that doesn’t reconcile outside demands….to contend with our experience, we must live our experience…

There is simply no place, no location or situation, that cannot be used to wake up to and live all of what and who you are, if you are willing to show up, to be present in the only place you ever have access to: here. Because what you long for, the awareness of the vast and sacred spaciousness at the center of what you are and the meaning it holds, is always here. Some situations or places will be more in alignment with your preferences. This may make it more pleasurable for you to be there, which may make it harder or easier for you to go to sleep to what and who you are and why you are here. But if our deepest soul’s longing is to wake up and fully occupy the human life we have, and if we can do this anywhere we are willing to be fully present, what then is this incredible attachment to and preoccupation with getting the details of our life situation to conform to what we want, to what we think is necessary or ideal for the satisfaction of this deepest longing?….Oriah Mountain Dreamer

living deeply…

To me the experience itself, especially if it’s a very deep experience, is not a free ride. We taste or experience our own potential, and in that, we awaken to an evolutionary imperative to evolve. And when one awakens to the evolutionary imperative, one’s spiritual conscience or higher conscience is awakened. It’s a call from one’s own authentic self to begin to participate in the evolutionary process for the sake of the evolution of consciousness itself. One recognizes in this kind of experience that for consciousness to be able to evolve and develop from our stage of development to the next one, we have to begin to consciously engage with this process. It’s not going to happen by itself. For evolutionary development to continue to a higher level, our conscious, intentional, committed engagement is the only way it’s going to happen….Andrew Cohen

2 thoughts on “the small, vague & ragged utterance

  1. Here we are ~ a still within the swirling abyss of life. Heaven. I used to fret over moments of sorrow, hurt, or loss. Loneliness would absolutely slay me. And then one day, I said – so BE lonely, Bobbie. Learn your way around it; make a map of it; sit with it (have a little tea with it; play it some music – maybe Patsy Cline).

    It is yours (mine) ~ my sweet indulgence of the imperfect experience of being human. It is my grief and my bliss to know, or to not. Jump! I find it much more fun to hold my arms above my head and squeal. ~ Love to you, my friend. ~ Always, Bobbie

    • You touch on a great secret of life….one that most never quite wrap around….so much fear is whooshed when we ‘see’ and ‘taste’ and ‘touch’ it…….Love to you in that space of cherishing…..

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