what is larger than that which we seek?

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Mind is a mirror in which

the light of the soul reflects.

….Hari Dass

strengthening our willingness to begin again…..through community, challenge, and silence…..where do we spend this life we are given? what soul-breath breathes into our choices?

To achieve inner stillness, silence, or eternal power, you don’t have to find a spiritual teacher, embark on a different spiritual path, or live in a cave for thirteen years. Instead, you can simply cultivate deep listening. In doing so, you may find yourself guided to that teacher, new practice, or cave after all…..Marilyn Schlitz

to uplift & release our blind spots….

Becoming the flowers, we bloom; becoming the birds, we sing. We lose track of whether we are the bird or the bird is us; all distinctions drop away. When our mind opens completely and we pierce through the bottom of the ego, there is nothing throughout the heavens and the earth that we need to seek. This body, as it is, is the Buddha. When we can receive this, the scenery of spring is more than just the forms of nature. When the Buddha saw the morning star he was awakened to his clear Original Nature. Kyogen was enlightened upon hearing a piece of rubble hit a stalk of bamboo, and Hakuin upon hearing the sound of the morning bell. These are all everyday moments. In the midst of our ordinary lives, who knows when or where we will encounter the great radiance of buddha-nature? Sweeping the garden we ask, ‘What is this?’ Eating our food we ask, ‘What is this?’ Prostrating to everything we ask, ‘What is this?’ This is our living, vivid energy. We creatively continue without letting go, and we don’t know what it will be that will bring this great sudden amazement and wonder……..Shodo Harada

3 thoughts on “what is larger than that which we seek?

  1. One thing I remind my students of every time I see them is that as daunting as life might seem, it’s an amazing thing to wake up each day with the option to start over. I know for certain is that the absolute worst reason for doing anything is because it’s what I did yesterday.

    Letting go is but the last step before flying. Love to you, my beautiful friend. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • indeed…..becoming does not mean staying the same……and we should know by now that sunrise and sunset are gifts we of remembrance, of checking in with our intention…..of starting over……in flight, we dance through this journey Bobbie….

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