the warm light of exile


Like wind – In it, with it, of it.

Of it just like a sail, so light and strong that,

even when it is bent flat,

it gathers all the power of the wind

without hampering its course. Like light –

In light, lit through by light,

transformed into light. Like the lens which

disappears in the light it focuses. Like wind.

Like light. Just this –

on these expanses, on these heights.

…..Dag Hammarskjöld

when we stop rehearsing and planning our life, something shifts…a knowing about light and a refusal to deny love….the splitting and isolating return again and again to quiet us back into love……ever notice how spectacularly the light can warm the heart?

Ganesh is the Hindu God who is the provider and remover of obstacles. He is typically depicted as an elephant. Ganesh is the lord (Isha) of all existing beings (Gana). Legend has it that when given the task to race around the universe, Ganesh did not traverse the outer surface of the earth, but simply walked inwardly around Shiva and Parvat, his mother and father, who are the source and center of all existence. This is the secret understanding of Ganesh. For all too often, the obstacles we experience are presented as ways to remember that ‘the inner walk around the source,’ not the outer race, is the purpose of living. The obstacles are presented to break our trance with the race and jar us humbly back to the source, and they are often removed once our deeper sense has been restored. It is important to realize that Ganesh is a god of embodied wisdom who knows the life of obstacles of which he is guardian. He is a god because he has ‘lived through’ all the world has to offer, not because he transcends it. Another name for Ganesh might be God’s Timing, through which we are humbled to realize, again and again, that we are not the center but of the center……Mark Nepo

finding gratitude again….

A great deal of the distress which so many people experience may be traced in no small part to our living as exiles from our own homeland, the inner world of subjective experience. Our homeland is within, and there we are sovereign. Until we discover that ancient fact anew and uniquely for each of us as an individual, we are condemned to wander seeking solace where it cannot be found, in the outer world……James Bugental

5 thoughts on “the warm light of exile

  1. I love this, Blue. Your comment regarding denying love. I am often amused by those who seek to deny what they know to be true, as if somehow the truth is made false in the loss of recognition. Light, even with our eyes shut, feels the same. And into the vastness of our empty, light fills the holes… ~ Love, Bobbie

    • I am awed too……especially by deep anger… is such a wild paradox this heart opening as healing and also the ultimate vulnerability…..into the vastness may you fall, comforted as only the light can do……sweetness to you Bobbie….

      • …….I can’t help but think of a recent conversation about just this, when another said to me, ‘it makes you angry that I think this way’, and I replied, ‘no…… makes me sad’……. Your comment on ultimate vulnerability rings true, for surely our sorrow runs deep when we dare to open wide our heart. May light sit the night on your pillow. ~ Love

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