forget the preconceived dogma of soul

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Most of our work is about redefining ourselves as a spiritual being, as a soul. And a soul has only one motive: going to the One. When you start to see yourself with only that motive, wow, it gets very simple. And that’s the spiritual work. The spiritual work from the soul’s point of view is just moving closer and closer to the Beloved…..Ram Dass

these wistful gifts of the finest integrity seem to seep in….can we find those spaces in between living to sigh into better choices and quieter listening… openness to wonderment?

The potential for awakening enlightenment is within us because we are all cosmic beings of light. But intention is not inherent. We have free will. So you can choose to intend. There’s always the inherent tendency to forgetfulness- that’s the default position: unconsciousness. Once we incarnate into this world of multiplicity, of time, space, and matter, we can lose ourselves completely. Our senses are constructed to give us stimulation, to give us all this information about the external world. The cost is that we may get hooked, because we find the sense stimuli so fascinating. We have to learn how to get unhooked. Sometimes I’ve heard it referred to as ‘the return’- the mystical journey where you return from the heroic adventure in the world. You come back to your community. This is also part of the mystical journey: you return home to God from whom you came. We remember, we have good times, and we forget again. If we are fortunate, we find ways to help us on the way, grateful grace, the amazing grace…..Ralph Metzner

this love is all around you….

How come we settle for something less? Alan Watts spoke and wrote about the ‘taboo against knowing who we are.’ Our materialistic cultural paradigm does not support our spiritual awakening. In fact it ridicules it and pathologizes it. But the only thing that can stand up to and transform the dominant scientific paradigm, as well as the dogmas of organized religions, is direct spiritual experience. Spirituality is something that is experiential; it reflects our direct experience of normally hidden dimensions of reality. Through our personal experiences we discover our own divinity and the numinosity of the cosmos. For that we do not need a special place or appointed officials. Our body and nature become our temple…..Stanislov Grof

4 thoughts on “forget the preconceived dogma of soul

  1. But always God speaks at the end:
      ’One thought in agony of strife         50
    The bravest would have by for friend,
      The memory that he chose the life;
    But the pure fate to which you go
      Admits no memory of choice,
    Or the woe were not earthly woe         55
      To which you give the assenting voice.’
    From ‘The Trial By Existance’ – Robert Frost

    • This reminds me of how I was just discussing personal choice and cultural influences in regard to ‘spiritual health’ in my class… is so humbling to know how deeply our inner world dictates the outer….so ensconced is the unconscious to direct, and we really ‘react’ much more than we ‘respond’….may you be guided by your best intentions g.f.s…..

  2. Inside me is something without name – the truth of who I am – the ash when the candle has forgotten. It is an almost silent voice that reminds me the way to home. Both compass and map, journey and destination. I know you know this already, but I love writing that inspires me to think. You do that well, Blue. ~ Much love, Bobbie

    • I too, know when my feverish soul, restless in waiting, has been shunned…..when I empty out, it is there, lighting the way again…..with gratitude for your soulful renderings Bobbie….

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