nothing like a gentle nudge to have fun

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We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us.


This is the place of no fear….of puddles and puppies and paint and princesses and posies…..may you welcome the graceful cycles of an inner journey….a great harmony of insightful gifts…..from the void to bloom….from heavy to light…..from staid to a twinkle in the eye……

When the True Self breaks through, a new and impassioned approach to life often makes itself known. We tap into an inner radiance that I call ‘delight.’ I’m speaking of a unique kind of response to life that can coexist with our most painful realities. I’m speaking of the joy of saying yes to life in the core of our being. I believe that the capacity to delight in life is deeply carved by our waiting. ‘When I planted my pain in the field of patience,’ wrote Kahil Gibran, ‘it bore fruit of happiness.’ Delight can become a way of life, a way of journeying. There’s a saying, ‘Religion is not to be believed, but danced.’ I like this idea, for it shifts the emphasis from our endless pursuit of religious knowledge back to the dimension of living our religion in such a way that it becomes a dance, a celebration in which we open our arms and say yes to life. When Jesus said that he wanted his joy to be in us and our joy to be full, he was also saying that he wanted his delight to be in us. He wanted our delight of be full. Finding the inner child, Delight, plumps and widens our joy. She lives in all of us. She tickles our frozen places and frees us to laughter, exuberance, simplicity, and spontaneous moments that extract the essence of the True Self from deep inside……Sue Monk Kidd

true self, playful self

If I have inside me the stuff to make cocoons,

maybe the stuff of butterflies is there too.

…..Trina Paulus

2 thoughts on “nothing like a gentle nudge to have fun

  1. I shall ever be a child… I told myself when my body was young that I would remember what it was like to be young, and to play. I still do, although the ‘adults’ around me would try to have me be otherwise … My greatest joy has been raising my children and now having my grandchildren to play with … They think I am silly … I am more proud of that than any recognition I win at my job …

    • You are a rare inspiration to conscious growth….silly willy nilly……good, alive, intent…..may you find a little hopscotch in your day g.f.s….

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