the forgotten translucence of perception


Reality is not what it is.

It consists of the many realities

which it can be made into.

….Wallace Stevens

unseen spaces reveal the sacred rootedness…..meditating between the material world, invites us to place the heart in the center, and the eyes on the edge of perception….it is here where we feel our senses… moment of contemplation holds the universe….

The seamlessness between interior and exterior landscapes, between the material and symbolic realms, is central to what white explorers named ‘the Dreamtime.’ Environmental philosopher David Abram writes that the Dreamtime is ‘a kind of time out of time, a time hidden beyond or even within the evident, manifest presence of the land.’ It is the continual becoming experienced when one is in daily, embodied reciprocity with the land. In such a fluid state of being, the delineations between the apparent and the yet-to-be, the visible and invisible, become irrelevant. Having a proper, reciprocal relationship with the visible and invisible powers means conversing with springs, boulders, and birds, singing to navigate along ancestral tracks., following the songlines laid down by the creative ancestors, and honoring the specific intelligence of each place, each camp along one’s travels. Seeing the world with an eye toward becoming teaches us about the very nature of transformation. The landscape thus mirrors the state of one’s deepest self. This form of psychology is not an analytic process; ‘temporarily turning into’ arises from direct experience, from looking and listening. It is a way of coming to know one’s self as firmly rooted in the perception of place, where one actually is. In native psychology, ‘Who am I?’ becomes ‘Where am I?’ This perceptual possibility is way beyond my experience and nearly beyond my imagination. My modern, Western mind has little if any reference for such realms of experience. Nonetheless, I ache for as Kierkegaard said, ‘the eye which, every young and ardent, sees the possible.’…..Laura Sewall

tugged into the universe

The Western conception of the person as a bounded, unique, more or less integrated motivational and cognitive universe, is, however incorrigible it may seem to us, a rather peculiar idea within the context of the world’s cultures….Clifford Geerlz

4 thoughts on “the forgotten translucence of perception

  1. not too far from where we stand
    are harbors of a foreign land
    souls are lost upon a sea
    while life calls out return to me

    The doorways of perception are based on our experience, and the training we get as children … Teach them limits and they learn boundaries, teach them love and their Spirits soar …

    • oh that fine line between allowing and doing resurfaces once again…..we are formed through our interpersonal relationships, and yet we forget that transcendence means loving here and now….this is the fog of unknowing……may the harbor of souls be your shining beacon g.f.s…..

  2. I have come
    to love the sea
    the wholeness of surrender –
    from lives before
    are others yet to be
    rest in words
    I have no place –
    except as you remember
    when I am one
    within eternity

    I love this, Blue………. let us linger softly in the eternities between. ~ Bobbie

    • and this gentle play between feeling nature and feeling emotion can teach us so much more about ourselves…..a mirroring in light and breeze and the aura of trees… you say ‘one….within eternity’….indeed, one within reality….who knows where the borders actually collide…..wishing you a transparent day Bobbie….

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