the end of complacency


Even when our life is most difficult, it is important to remember that something within us is keeping us alive- the life force- that lifts us, energizes us, pulls us back sometimes from the abyss of despair. True spirituality does not exist without love of life. We are not omnipotent. But we do have an enormous degree of responsibility for the shape our life takes. How do we nurture the soul? By revering our own life……Nathaniel Branden

we find our groove in our soul niche….

Water to me is a saving grace. As a child I forgot my anger at my parents or camp counselors or teachers if I went to a swimming pool, or to a lake. Water was freedom, an element in which I believed I had perfect control. Lake and pool waters were calm enough to provide illusion. I moved through water in a kind of ecstasy, cut away from the rules of the land, social requirements, limitations, disapproval. Water was action, more effective than prayer. When I swam I believed in God…..Doris Grumbach

the heart that sees shines low into the soul…..unburdened by passivity, we can then lead with a little tough character…..the chipped and well-worn life cuts through to the brightest diamond-souls…..

Life for me is a like an ocean, with waves sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes smooth, sometimes rough; so sometimes I’m high, sometimes I’m smooth, sometimes I’m low and sometimes I’m troubled. To carry the ocean analogy a little further, the current is life and the waves are essential for the movement of the ocean and for all the life that it holds inside. Waves are a natural response to all of the forces in the universe. I am the same way, my faces are natural consequences of my being a human being, living and growing, and I need to know that storms as well as the beautiful sunshine are part of life. So I take pride in my stormy face, my sunshiney face, and I accept them as natural for that context. I don’t have to put on a happy face when I feel stormy. I can put on a face that belongs with that. And I don’t have to put on a face of doubt when I feel sunshiney inside…..Virginia Satir

2 thoughts on “the end of complacency

  1. From the ‘Fragile’ album by ‘Yes’ – Emotion revealed is the ocean made – At once we realize, or come to know, that the world around us is a reflection of our inner selves, the tide of emotion move in us as the moon moves the tides throughout the world … May the waters move softly with you today …

    • this is a beautiful reminder….when we realize how supported we really are… we flow with the seasons of change, we can let go a little deeper, ease up in our fight to have our lives be a certain way….this I think, is true, deep soul work…may need a beach walk today with that meditation….blessings g.f.s….

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