wandering into a still life


These roses under my window make no reference to former roses or to better ones; they are for what they are; they exist with God today. There is no time for them. There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence. But man postpones or remembers; he does not live in the present, but with reverted eye laments the past, or heedless of the riches that surround him, stands on tiptoe to forsee the future. He cannot be happy and strong until he too lives with nature in the present, above time…….Emerson

drawn into the deepest places of ourselves, layered and petaled like the rose……tucked and full of promises….whispering out of our hearts like the fury of a storm and then settling in with just the right light like the sunset after the storm, capturing the droplets of rain on the rose….it is there we know the ancient ways…..

When you live within your body, you have a felt sense of internal depth and wholeness. You can also feel the qualities of your being, such as your love, understanding, and power. This is an experience of actually existing, and of possessing yourself from the inside. This internal depth, wholeness and quality of being cannot be broken. stimuli move through it without altering it. Sensitive people sometimes try to make themselves more solid or dense, or to shut themselves off from the onslaught of stimuli in their daily lives. However, the cure for this discomfort is actually to become more sensitive and open. As you continue to develop your sensitivity, your consciousness can become so refined that it is finally the luminous transparency of fundamental consciousness, pervading the material world. When this happens, stimuli can move through this dimension of consciousness without disturbing it. This means you can continue to become even more subtly attuned to life without being overwhelmed by the world around you……Judith Blackstone

the splendor of rearranging truth

I’ve been listening way inside, where the Universe rushes through me like wind through a hole in an old door in a hut near the edge of a cliff. I’ve been going there and listening, on the inner edge of everything. There, I’ve heard two irrevocable truths: the truth of life, the very fact to it, how it comes out of nowhere like a strong breeze to lift our faces, how it goes on its way; and the truth of how life like a storm can rough up our hearts, how we have no choice but to feel that wind move through us and around us. These have become my teachers: trying to accept the nature of what is and trying not to deny its impact. So when you ask, ‘What are we here for?’ I’m stopped by this wind which rushes through the hole in my heart. From this far down, it’s like asking the cliff itself, what is it here for. We might say: to hold up the world. The cliff might say: to be the world. I can only say that my heart and eyes and mind keep being worn open…..Mark Nepo

4 thoughts on “wandering into a still life

  1. This is the difficult one, in the world but not of it, becoming more sensitive not less, doing our work without it overwhelming us … It is Invictus – master of my fate, captain of my soul … I exist because I choose to be, no other reason is greater … Living in the wind, we must recall it can blow through us as well as drive us … Watch the leaves on a tree in a great windstorm, they curl and gracefully allow the wind to pass through, unscathed they smile when the sun returns … May the rain fall gently on your fields today …

    • this is a beautiful, moving meditation….we become more at ease with this dance if we are paying attention….if we can be with many unknowns….to be worn like the stones is a wondrous way to live….may you, too, know pain and wonder as one and the same g.f.s…..

  2. Unfurling into a moment – the only, ever, eternal one. Only this – and in this, we are as we were always meant to be – guarded, awake, and waiting. The morning came with reports of accidents nearby, taking young lives, changing the course of millions. And still, we pull ourselves onward, and adapt to the empty that swarms within our heart. *sigh* Let us breathe deeply of the sweet that is life. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • indeed…..in my prayers I find gratitude for this unfurling….rocked and stunted and stretched and soothed….all in one cycle of breath…..may your day rest easy into the flow of sweet harmony Bobbie….

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