striving for ecological knowing

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…the individual self is…

a fleeting meeting-ground

of intricately woven relations,

its nature is profoundly participatory,

but is, for that,

no less endowed with distinctiveness,


….Joanna Macy

the appalling consideration that we are not here to enjoy nature but rather we are a part of nature is the fiction of ‘otherness’ shining its shallow heart…..coming home where we belong requires a heedlessness of liberation…..may we be one with where we are born….

The interdependency of human thought and the environment is a vast topic which has not been explored with anywhere near the same passion as the assertion of independence. But this mutuality goes back to the very origins of a human consciousness that evolved with the rest of nature. Human knowledge, if nothing else, is a testament to the connectedness and interdependence of life. There can be no subject apart from an object. This understanding should transform our epistemologies by embedding not only being but the capacity to know in an earth imbued with intrinsic significance. A return to what is a birthright of meaning is more than a philosophical journey. Something changes in the mood. An atmosphere of nihilism dissolves. Certainly I notice this shift when, turning away from the page or the computer screen, the living world is suddenly present. What is at stake is sanity. There is a mad arrogance that flows from the diminishment of meaning in nature, one that approaches megalomania. A presumption of omniscience accompanies every dangerous attempt to control and dominate nature. What is sacrificed with the elevation of human consciousness above natural process is not only the idea of the intelligence of nature, but one’s experience of being immersed in a larger whole. A deep and continuing relationship with all other forms of existence is an ancient aspect of human consciousness. By an incremental process of separation from the body, from emotions, from the direct experience of nature, nature becomes alien. Knowledge, which has become a form of power rather than intimacy, works a kind of magic in the psyche. The interdependency of human thought and the environment is a vast topic which has not been explored with anywhere near the same passion as the assertion of independence…….Susan Griffin

a history of self-absorption?

So this is how the world was made flesh,

though surely the word came after

the sublime idea, after the sea’s withdrawal

and the island’s emergence

with first birds and giant lizards

carrying their young into the pampas.

…Lynn McMahon

4 thoughts on “striving for ecological knowing

  1. Our knowledge also creates a supreme ignorance. Truth has fallen by the wayside to the act of knowing. Our libraries hold and our universities teach what we know, and very little (if at all) how to know & how to learn. Nikola Tesla stated emphatically that the electric theory we hold dearly to, and that lights our world, was only a small portion of the truth. Yet what he taught is rarely mentioned in texts. One lightening storm could light a city, tornadoes warp space and time, comets are electric, not dirty snowballs … The evidence is everywhere yet we hold fast to our ‘truth’ like a drowning man to life raft. We would be wise to teach our children not what to learn, but how to learn, it is their birthright … May the electric sun warm your days …

    • the truth in relation to intuition and mystery is much different than the exclusivity of science……once again, we are reminded to hold nature within……being in love with cloud, snow and dirt ensure we are grounded… this; ‘not what to learn, but how to learn’…… knowing today g.f.s……

  2. I love this! As if we had to choose between being and loving. Can we not enjoy nature and still be a part of it? If there was a rule somewhere regarding that, I apparently missed it……and perhaps intentionally. We are the trees, and I am convinced we are here for their enjoyment……..(let us dance) ~ My love to you. ~ Bobbie

    • trees show us……I have had a few intense, beautiful, tree experiences myself….I left part of me in those trees…….how do we remind ourselves that this body has fluid boundaries? those subtle listening spaces…..may the dance be playful today Bobbie…..

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