harmony in action

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To fly

we must dance

with our longest shadows

in the brightest sunlight.

…..Louise Rader

how much we can actually change is probably up for a good debate, but the wellspring of our life being deeply rooted in our heart’s delight is not…..we know it, we taste it, we stretch all boundaries and become….harmony is not about the status quo…it’s about the unexpected journey….

One of the most memorable evenings of my life was spent with Doug Peacock, grizzly bear expert and model on which the character Hayduke in Edward Abbey’s ‘The Monkey Wrench Gang’ was loosely based. We sat in his backyard outside Tucson, in the dark, drinking reasonable quantities of beer, wine and scotch. We could hear coyotes howling all around us and javelinas- small desert pigs with big incisors- were snorting around the table a few feet from where we sat. When we would laugh or reach for a drink they would shuffle off into the desert. I often think of something he told me during our interview that evening. The conversation had to do with inner power, with pursuing your passion and living life on your own terms: ‘The notion of following your passion is a cheap instinct and a good instinct and it’s worth indulging. Your passion is your source of power. In order to have power, you have to live a life of passion. You have to live a really full life. You need to follow those paths, no matter where they lead- in defiance of all things conventional, perhaps. And of course it is at a price. It’s going to cost. You have to know that going in. But the price you pay, in my opinion, is not worth the time of day to think about. It is so important not to knee-pad around the world. You should never bow down to anything but those you love and respect. Ever. For anything’…..Heron Dance, Rod MacIver

to run means not knowing where you’re going?

Philosophical excursions invariably come full circle to the conclusions promulgated by sages throughout recorded history- the conclusions that man cannot safely ignore the life force at the center of his being (by whatever name it is called), that the dignity of man has its inception in the individual, that man’s security lies not in transforming nature but in transforming himself, and that it is impossible to talk about the necessary transformation without using the word ‘love.’…..Norman Cousins

4 thoughts on “harmony in action

  1. the morning wakes, with an edge as far as we dare to see…….. let us walk, tho our wings wish to fly……… Love you. May your Sunday be filled with unexpected disappearance of fences. ~ Always, Bobbie

    • oh, to slow down…..a gentle reminder to savor and to seek the sublime…..opening, opening….yes, dear Bobbie, I can follow the light you emanate from….

  2. To come full circle, again and again, life allows us the chance again, whether now or in some future, by time, place, and condition. The master clockwork misses not a second, creating our moments, in and through love …

    • that sweet unknown……I have always been grateful for having the ‘adventure bone’……something in me that is ok with risk-taking, that wants to be challenged by change…..seems to be the only way to remind us that life moves, with or without our consent….may your curiosity shine like a wrapped gift g.f.s….

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