essence contained in infinite tomorrows

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We spend so much of our modern urban time shutting out the world. We are busy ‘getting and spending,’ in Wordsworth’s phrase. And we are depressed, focusing narrowly on our ‘problems.’ The world becomes a disturbance. It gets in the way of what has to be done today, or it breaks into our mood with its noisy demands. Rain is a bother; winter nights come too early; things break down and require attention. How can I possibly love a world that consists so largely in Muzak, traffic, and bad coffee? ‘All is seared with trade; bleared, smeared with toil,’ Hopkins writes. Everything I see becomes ‘a comment on my life.’ I love myself, even meditate upon it to help its growth, to the exclusion of the world. So how do we love the world anyway? Is there any way to bless it and be blessed by it? Despite all my revulsions over its ugliness and injustice, and my bitterness over defeat at its hands, the world remains lovable anyway. But anyway also means any which way, any way at all, implying that there are many different openings out of self-enclosure and toward love of the world. One way I’ve found is through memory images. When I feel cut off and so preoccupied that the world around me seems dead, I sometimes turn to recollections of years ago; the empty winter beach where I grew up, the gray sand, sea gulls cawing, and the wet wind coming off the breakers. I believe anybody can find a way into the world; some landscape, a particular room, neighborhood street, a building such as a barn with its smells, or a thing privately treasured, for instance, a baseball glove or a pair of shoes. ‘All things are full of Gods’ is an ancient Greek saying. We see, hear, smell the world, and this, the poets are saying, is the true ground of our love for it. We would not need psychologists to warn about inflation and preachers to exhort modesty if we bore in mind the world’s dispassionate habits as it goes its way into the days and nights, tides and season, which keep human actions in humbler proportion……James Hillman

we want to notice all the beauty, but we forget what that means…..this beauty is lined in old faces, in hands gripping early morning coffee, in tired and hunched shoulders, in naked, sad trees… this broken-down world, our knowing infuses soul into each other….

In the unmade light I can see the world

as the leaves brighten I see the air

the shadows melt and the apricots appear

now that the branches vanish I see the apricots

from a thousand trees ripening in the air

they are ripening in the sun along the west wall

apricots beyond number are ripening in the daylight.

Whatever was there

I never saw those apricots swaying in the light

I might have stood in orchards forever

without beholding the day in the apricots

or knowing the ripeness of the lucid air

or touching the apricots in the skin

or tasting in your mouth the sun in the apricots

….W.S. Merwin

flowing into a still life painting….

Spirituality has to do with the transfiguration of distance, to come near to ourselves, to beauty and to God. At the heart of spirituality is the awakening of real presence. You cannot produce or force presence. When you are truly present, you are there as you are: image and pretension are left aside. Real presence is natural. Perhaps the secret of spiritual integrity has to do with an act of acceptance, namely, a recognition that you are always already within the divine embrace……John O’Donohue

4 thoughts on “essence contained in infinite tomorrows

  1. Knowing we are already within the divine embrace, truly escapes us, in a world where everything has a cost, an artificial value … When we become aware of the truth, that we leave everything behind except for our souls growth, then we take the step back into divine light, and understanding … Call it enlightenment if you will … As Adyshanti has said ‘isn’t that just seeing things the way they are’ … May your brush strokes paint colors on your soul today …

    • And if only we could integrate that knowing a bit more smoothly…..enlightenment indeed…..I don’t think our ‘humanness’ allows a static knowing….we have to consider again and again our worth and our sacred beingness….may you dance a little longer in divine ecology today g.f.s….

  2. I am reminded of sitting in a darkened room with my grandmother years ago (even now the memory comes with the smell of lemon cookies and moth balls)…….. listening as she told stories of her youth and those gone before that I never knew. We can have no truth without it being wrapped around another. Always, the weave that is my life spreads in colors I have not yet given name. How sweet this divine life………how sweet indeed. ~ Love to you this beautiful bright falling down day, Blue. ~ Bobbie

    • this deep, sensory awareness is so alive after so many years because of raw presence….that mindful knowing…..and I think this brings the intuitive awareness out into the light….there is clarity in this wisdom Bobbie….sweet daydreams lady…

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