waking up to our ordinariness


If I told you that all you were living for was chocolate and ice cream, you’d think I was crazy. ‘No!’ your arrogant mind would say. But look deeper into your life’s purpose. Why are you here? To be well liked? To become famous? To accumulate possessions? To be attractive to others? Check for yourself. By thorough examination you can realize that saying you’ve dedicated your life to chocolate and ice cream may not be so far from the truth- and it completely nullifies the significance of your having been born human. After all, birds and dogs have similar aims: to get more of what they like and none of what they don’t……Lama Yeshe

there is no pretense for the foreboding turns we take out of fear and doubt….’it is what it is’ and we are so very human….settling in to the mystery of this can ease our harshest expectations, move us away from the strong egoic will and into a deeper, more fulfilling presence with our truest nature….the best surprises show up when we land in our lived life..

Ordinariness is a simple presence in this moment that allows the mystery of life to show itself. When Thoreau warns us to ‘beware of any activity that requires the purchase of new clothes,’ he reminds us that simplicity is the way we open to everyday wonder. While consciousness can create an infinite variety of forms, ordinariness is interested in what is here and now. This is the ordinary mystery of breathing or of walking, the mystery of trees on our street or of loving someone near to us. It is not based on attaining mystical states or extraordinary powers. The ordinariness of spiritual life comes from a heart that has learned trust, from a gratitude for the gift of human life. When we are just ourselves, without pretense or artifice, we are at rest in the universe…….Jack Kornfield

settle into your own skin

Then it was as if I suddenly saw the secret beauty of their hearts, the depths where neither sin nor desire can reach, the person that each one is in God’s eyes. If only they could see themselves as they really are. If only we could see each other that way there would be no reason for war, for hatred, cruelty…I suppose the big problem would be that we would fall down and worship each other……Thomas Merton

6 thoughts on “waking up to our ordinariness

  1. Isn’t that always the question ‘Surely I came here to achieve greatness, some special destiny … ‘ Perhaps we simply came because we want to enjoy it again and again? What better way to enjoy sense than in a realm of sensuality, beauty … Cotton ball cloud drafting across green meadows, ocean waves, and the smell of salt spray. Even if we make it a struggle, is it our soul that enjoys the strain? To love once more deeply we could repeat again forever … May you find unmeasured wealth in the moments of today …

    • one way I ‘drop in,’ is to first remind myself that I don’t have to ‘achieve’ anything…..a very real and important treadmill to get off of once in awhile for a goal-oriented person…..I am here to play, to notice those green meadows, to sit for awhile, to be ok…..may you be as the clouds today g.f.s…

  2. Such a beautiful post. Yesterday, I mowed the grass. Afterward, I sat on the back porch with a bowl of warm peach cobbler and icecream, surveying my work, and thinking of all I still needed to do (mulch, trim, etc.).

    But only for a moment, before realizing that I was cheating myself out of the unimaginable joy that is cobbler and icecream. So, with green shins and sticks in my hair, I surrendered to the spoon. I’ve heard it said that life is measured by the moments that take your breath away. In truth, don’t they all……….if we let them. Let us drink grape juice in little cups and pretend we’re in church; let us melt into the rainbows that dance above the sprinkler; let us forget for a moment all that still must be done and all that is yet to be forgiven. Let us be……….here, here, here……… Let us indeed. ~ Love to you today, my friend. ~ Bobbie

    • this is the sweetest little snippet on the remembrances of joy…..you become that moment….you swim in the light of church windows, twirl rainbows, and giggle in those little cups……I so honor the light in you Bobbie…..

    • the sweet poetry of purity…..of sharing in life’s graceful flow….in trusting in what we love and share…..Bobbie is ‘poetry in love’…..may you enjoy something fully and deeply today Eileen….

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