the radiance of breaking open

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The holy perfection we seek has been here all along. Dame Julian of Norwich described this perfection at the center of her prayers when she wrote, ‘And all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.’ To recognize the perfection of ‘things as they are’ is a radical opening of the heart, an awe of the sacred wholeness that underlies all things. It is always here, and we can awaken to it in any situation. Again, the lesson of spiritual practice is not about gaining knowledge, but about how we love. Are we able to love what is given to us, to live in the midst of all things, to love ourselves and others? Are we able to see the illumination offered by the sun every morning? If we cannot, what must we do in the body, heart, and mind to allow us to open ourselves, to let go, to rest in our natural perfection? The gate is open; what we seek is just in front of us. It is so today and every day…..Jack Kornfield

this creativity of love-fire invites us to rediscover the gifts we leave behind…..when despair is caught in the shadows of our lives, can we reconnect to our essence, to the unresolved and repressed forces deep in our bellies?….and only then, can we be with them in grace, not as something just to overcome, but a deep knowing of radical love?

It is I who must love myself. No one else can make me feel whole. Only I can provide that love. Now I know that wholeness is always accessible to me and all beings everywhere. This knowing allows me to live with a new peacefulness and kindness to myself and others. In the simplest way, it has changed my whole life……a psychologist and healer

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One of the most powerful ways we express love is through gratitude; it keeps our hearts open to each other. It is impossible to have a closed heart when we are thankful. Gratitude keeps alive what has meaning for us and fosters our capacity to apologize and forgive. As gratitude grows out of love, its expression creates an opening through which increased generosity and good will can emerge. The Persian poet Rumi described the great resource of love as a fire that resides in the heart: ‘Love is that flame that once kindled burns everything, and only the mystery and the journey remain.’…..Angeles Arrien

2 thoughts on “the radiance of breaking open

  1. Knowing that whatever shall be, will be as it should be – will be okay.

    Last night, I was watching a show on ‘how the universe works’. They were discussing black holes. A couple of things I loved. At one point, they spoke of the ‘goldilocks’ theory (had our planet been in some other galaxy or some other alignment, we would have been unable to stand the radiation – our world being ‘just right’). My thought was, but of course we would for we would have been born differently so that we could withstand it. In this ‘now’ is the key. In this now, the universe has aligned with us and us with it (no bears in my bed)…….. The second was a comment about how many trillions of years it took for the smallest of things to occur in the heavens, and how easy it was to forget the bliss – of our day in the sun.

    May your stars align with tea at just the right temp…….and may the voice that is your soul, sing sweetly. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • this is the perfect awakening to okness….to letting it all go…..a moment in a cup of tea is all there is….sweetly melting into those trillions of years… calming… stars…..beautiful stars fall all around you Bobbie…..

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