inner secrets of higher potential

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I’m the secret fire in everything, and everything

smells like Me.

The living breathe My sweet perfume,

and they breathe out praise of Me.

They never die

because I am their Life.

I flame out- intense, godly Life- over the shining

fields of corn,

I glow in the shimmer of the fire’s embers,

I burn in the sun and the moon and the stars.

The secret Life of Me breathes in the wind

and holds all things together soulfully.

This is God’s voice.

….Hildegard of Bingen

the fear of fear may be the most insurmountable challenge, the one we cannot see, the one we cannot know as deep insight…..listen well though, to the quiet one who sees all from within, and something shifts, loosens, opens….we sometimes move where the light moves into shadow, where we know the God within…..

The very beginning, the intrinsic core, the essence, the universal nucleus of every known high religion (unless Confucianism is also called a religion) has been the private, lonely, personal illumination, revelation, or ecstasy of some acutely sensitive prophet or seer. The high religions call themselves revealed religions and each of them tends to rest its validity, its function, and its right to exist on the codification and the communication of this original mystic experience or revelation from the lonely prophet to the mass of human beings in general…..Maslow

the stranglehold of fear

Maslow pointed out that we are all ambivalent when it comes to knowing about ourselves; we want to know (consciously) and yet we also go to great lengths (unconsciously) to prevent ourselves from knowing. He identified this taboo against some kinds of inner knowledge as ‘the need to know and the fear of knowing.’ As Maslow has said, we fear to know the fearsome and unsavory aspects of ourselves (what Jung aptly named ‘the shadow’), but we fear even more to know ‘the godlike in ourselves.’ We are ambivalent about our desire to know ourselves. We will resist that knowledge which we most deeply desire. We think we want to see reality as it is, to see it truthfully. But the illusions we harbor are part of an unconsciously held belief system. Thus, an effort to dispel illusion, although ultimately beneficial, may nevertheless generate resistance. We may truly desire to discover and actualize our highest capabilities. Yet to the extent that removing illusion is essential to that discovery, we will resist that which we truly desire……..W. Harmon and W. Rheingold

2 thoughts on “inner secrets of higher potential

  1. Two things I am reminded of with this, blue………. One, the fear of death is the result of a fear of life. If we live fully, we do not fear death. So much of our life is determined by choices made out of fear – fear of the known, fear of the unknown, fear of fear. Even when the proof is around us everywhere that fear can be conquered (a dragon with a soft belly). And second, well, I don’t remember what it was, but I’m not afraid to say that I don’t…….. Much of our fear is that of appearing a fool rather than enjoying the laugh. ~ Here’s to driving with the top down, and wearing black lingerie with a white blouse. Let us remember not to fear. ~ Bobbie

    • yes! and to own this fear is the radical vision of ‘not-knowing’ mind….this does not have to equate to the kind of fear that stops us…..loss and longing bring new life….wind in our hair Bobbie….

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