the poetics of envisioning the muse

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Creativity is seeing something

that doesn’t exist already.

You need to find out how

you can bring into being

and that way be a playmate with God.

…Michele Shea

a unity of awareness only comes after the creating…..a calling so challenging at times as to drown out any vision, any possible consistency….finding the extraordinary means of diving into the junk of our lives, the rudimentary call to the blank page…..we create the love that moves us…..

Carpe diem is the guiding maxim of the visionary who instinctively seizes the moment and makes something from it. In the creative process one action leads to another, and the final outcome is shaped by a chain of expressions that could never be planned in advance. Therefore, the creative process flourishes in provocative environments. No doubt you will see that life is a movement in and out of creative inspiration. When was the last time you seized an opportunity? …….Shaun McNiff

inspiration feeds inspiration

In the entry into the world of imagination, from which all story springs, I believe that we come closest to the world of the spirit, and hence all making of story becomes a spiritual place. It is a place of the most intense solitude but also a place where the most intimate communal experience can be achieved: that of sharing story. And story is also the creation of vision: balancing what was with what might have been. Balancing what is with what could be. Balancing dark against light. Balancing joy and sorrow. Kim Chernin says that the ‘spiritual means sensitivity to an unseen order. It means, further, the capacity to take seriously one’s relations to this unseen order so that one can be transformed by it.’….Eunice Scarfe

7 thoughts on “the poetics of envisioning the muse

  1. Only by letting go do we get out of the way so Spirit can manifest through us …Ego / desire is a necessary driver a motive (emotive) force … I am surely this is what Natalie Goldberg is getting at in her classes and lectures. Writing practice is like a martial art, workout until the muscle memory is so refined that the mind can let go, get out of the way. The pen needs to be free to allow Spirit to come through with just the color of the creator. The same way a maple, oak, or elm color the autumn … May you find the colors in your day …

    • our stories are older than we know……they may seem to be ours, but they are moved through us…..this poetry you write comes from the ancients and the spirits that deign to move through you….how awe-inspiring to know we are bigger than the day….let go in your beautiful words g.f.s…..

  2. Words leave marks while I sleep……..I roll over, and something I’ve not yet considered pierces my skin…….. Always, morning brushes something new from beneath the bed. May your day be roaring butterflies and whispers of poetry. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • it’s as if your dreams are feeding the soul…..carrying those spirits and wings with you, lightly, and when you feel their presence, lightly once again, you create from the ethereal span of their wide open graces….never-ending beauteous gifts from under the beds and into your heart Bobbie….

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