finding solace in irrational order


As we reacquaint ourselves with our breathing bodies, then the perceived world itself begins to shift and transform. When we begin to consciously frequent the wordless dimension of our sensory participations, certain phenomena that have habitually commanded our focus begin to lose their distinctive fascination and to slip toward the background, while hitherto unnoticed or overlooked presences begin to stand forth from the periphery and to engage our awareness. In contact with the native forms of the earth, one’s senses are slowly energized and awakened, combining and recombining in ever-shifting patterns. Like suburbanites after a hurricane, we find ourselves alive in a living field of power far more expressive and diverse than the strictly human sphere to which we are accustomed…..David Abram

maybe that sense of disconnectedness is a much needed view from inside out….a break from ‘reality’ with a new periphery….a pause in the usual storytelling….what if it was all turned upside down and this unending discomfort was actually the mystery we craved?…..awake to this world…..

My gaze pairs off with color, and my hand with hardness and softness, and in this transaction between the subject of sensation and the sensible it cannot be held that one acts while the other suffers the action, or that one confers significance on the other. Apart from the probing of my eye or hand, and before my body synchronizes with it, the sensible is nothing but a vague beckoning. The relations of sentient to sensible are comparable with those of the sleeper to his slumber: sleep suddenly comes when a certain voluntary attitude suddenly receives from outside the confirmation for which it was waiting. I am breathing deeply and slowly in order to summon sleep, and suddenly it is as if my mouth were connected to some great lung outside myself which alternately calls forth and forces back my breath. A certain rhythm of respiration, which a moment ago I voluntarily maintained, now becomes my very being, and sleep, until now aimed at, suddenly becomes my situation. In the same way I give ear, or look, in the expectation of a sensation, and suddenly the sensible takes possession of my ear or my gaze, and I surrender a part of my body, even my whole body, to this particular manner of vibrating and filling space known as blue or red…..Merleau-Ponty

sweet dreams lead home

I expand, expand, expand-

how can this be- yet I feel

it, my boundaries giving way

as energy and awareness

refuse to be contained.

Something nudges me to

leave behind my skin, like

a garter snake at molting

time. I expand, expand,

expand again until I am

profoundly disoriented.

What am I without the face

I’ve always worn, without

the skin that holds me in?

I gasp as the broad sky

meets my opened eyes and

then expand, expand, expand

again until the molecules

of me disperse between the

clouds- yet, strangely, also

coalesce where I am sitting.

The thin veil that separates

me from everything parts in

that instant, a pure and

simple gift of the Infinite.

….Danna Faulds

6 thoughts on “finding solace in irrational order

  1. How sweet the dizzy dance of returning to be – with questions we thought not to dream. Quite often, the mystery is in finding words with which to recall this moment into eternities not yet come…….. May your Sunday be flush with surrender. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • …..and to allow the words to be directed by non-words……we know not to fall into smallness, yet we find ourselves there, painting drabness, hiding our beauty….may we forget ourselves in the dance, a swirl of dazzling color…..may your dance land in a soft hue of yellows and gold and silver Bobbie….

  2. I’ve been a suburbanite after a hurricane, the emergence into the aftermath is dramatic …. There is a sense of loss, and change, that the world will never be the same … This is the same coming out of the soul feels in those moments of awakening … A new world is seen, even if the old slowly creeps back in, everything has changed ….

    • ….you are carried into deeper realms of envisioning… know how the world can change….may this uncanny insight bring you home again and again g.f.s….

  3. Danna Fauld’s description comes closer to capturing that experience of oneness, of losing the boundaries of our skin, than anything I can remember reading.

    What a lovely surprise and gift. Thank you again for finding such treasures and sharing them.

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