born of a stark honesty


The moment I heard my first story

I started looking for you.


‘to serve’ sounds wistful and sweet and angelic…….the reality calls us to a depth we are unprepared for….we must live into the truth…stalwart, expressive, prevailing…..complete with a quiet and noble heart…..may you know the vulnerability of truth seeking, so that you may bear witness to truth speaking…..

Yes, you need to open your heart, but you have to have the support and wisdom of your brain and gut- the whole council of your being- rather than just following whichever voice happens to be really loud. Part of Truth Speaking is taking that moment to check in with your internal council. What is my truth right now? What can I say to help this moment of conflict come to resolution? Truth Speaking- speaking from a place of deep honesty and compassion- propels us into a very rich field of feeling. Every time we speak the truth, it shudders through the cobwebs and dimness in our lives, tapping back in to the Beauty in our world, in ourselves, and in each other. How incredibly sweet it is to be able to talk about what’s really important, stepping out from behind our facades and the little stupid conversations that we’re taught are a necessary social lubricant. When we Speak Truth to each other, once we get past the shock, it kindles the desire to hear the truth coming back at us. By speaking the truth, we learn the difference between our authentic self and our facade. If we put our little masked self out there, the horror is that other people might accept and end up making love to it, while we starve and die of neglect behind it. It’s much richer to interact genuinely with the world. When you speak the truth, it feeds and brightens you Spirit. The first step to Truth Speaking is opening our hearts. There’s a difference between an open heart, which can feel, process, and stay steady, versus a stuck-open-window heart, which lets all sorts of crap fly in. I encourage you to develop a Warrior’s Heart- an open heart that is responsive and reflexive, meaning that when something comes in and touches it, the heart responds and bounces right back. When we curl around the pain, that’s when it embeds. A heart has to be healthy to feel, respond, and flex. Empaths- people who feel other people’s feelings- especially need to be able to feel the world without letting its woes root deep within them. Sit with a truth, then ask yourself, ‘What’s the most healing action I can take as a next step?’ ……Ana Forrest

the struggle of everything….

Blue lights on the runway like stars

on the surface of a well

into which I fall each night from the sky,

emerging through the tunnel door

of the jetway, and the black waters

of the night, in the cities of America.

In the lit rooms of glass and steel,

in the still and secret towers,

under the true stars hid by cloud

and the steam shrouded roofs

of the mansions of money and hope,

I come with my quiet voice and

my insistence, and my stories,

and out of that second and

deeper well I see again those other

blue stars and that other darkness,

closer even than the night outside,

the one we refuse to mention,

the darkness we know so well

inside everyone.

I have a few griefs and joys

I can call my own

and through accident it seems

a steadfast faith in each of them

and that’s what I will say

matters when the story ends.

…David Whyte

4 thoughts on “born of a stark honesty

  1. We all hae stories … I think each one of us is a story teller, just some connect to the hear t, so listen just to respond, the open heart listens to feel … May your blue stars burn brightly tonight…

    • ….and from listening to feeling to being……ahhhh……blue stars, sprinkling, caressing a deeper knowing….thank you for these poetics of remembering g.f.s…

  2. I love that word – lean. To lean into the fire, the wind, the rain, the sorrow and the bliss……….. To let it hold us, surround us, keep us………that is our weakness, our strength, our story yet untold. It lies deeper than we know, and far deeper than the world would dare to seek. May your story stretch beyond the reaches of what is acceptable and polite! ~ Love, Bobbie

    • …..and when we hold our stories gently, they sing to our aliveness……without judgment, beyond despair….going down deep is in your knowing bones Bobbie…..

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