to be stewards of gracious intent


There is inside you the Grace you seek and from which you have felt severed, even though this separation can never be. That would be a cosmic impossibility. You are the face of heaven, and the truth is your mind. See that my words ring a chord of harmony with your deepest self. Value yourself enough to be the one to grasp this realization. You alone distance yourself from the truth when you receive it so many times removed. It is the only presence within you. It is the Breath of reality. Close to tears, I sighed. ‘I have long hungered to remember who I am, and have looked to many others for the answer, dear Flower, I whispered. ‘Human thought has frozen my soul.’ You are not alone. Trust in the world that cannot be seen. Let yourself dream and spin soft silken threads of quiet wishes and your life will be formed by only the beauty that is within. So very glorious. So very loving…….Arlene Graston

the call comes for the deepest soul presence when we are furthest away….to feel our vulnerability and to seek curiosity simultaneously is a gift of listening and feeling worthy of being seen…..may we know our place in all places and to find our essence in the quiet insistence…..

in what ways am i a stranger

to life?

i am a stranger to-

tightropes and chafing dishes and

holding lizards and reading poetry

out loud and rock-climbing and

yodeling and wearing my clothes

backwards and dissecting frogs

and roller coasters and bungee-jumping

and political speeches and

shaving my head and playing

country music and studying for

a degree and hitchhiking and

scuba diving and writing a novel

and giving birth and running a

marathon and getting a

Brazilian wax and eating brains

and driving cross country and

owning my own business and

brandishing a weapon and wearing

contacts and winning a Nobel

prize and traveling to Africa and

going to a prom and baking a

pie and shooting a film

i must remind myself that life

is not stranger to me-

it is i who make myself

a stranger to it

….Marilyn Maciel

be your own Character

I continued to listen from within, learning to trust the ways of an unknown and formless spiritual path. I use the word formless loosely here. The path I followed had an unseen form. It could never have carried with it the progressive levels of understanding or the timely, saving moments of grace with their essential material gifts if it did not have its own vast, intelligent form. This fluid form was often terrifying to my small human mind, as it grappled with the all-inclusive expansiveness of infinite possibility. When our small lives open outward to include everything, how do we make sense of it? I did not understand it, nor could I find comfort in this order, because of its inherently illusive nature. Most of us seek a new relationship to the vastness of everything, a glimpse of formless freedom, as we move along our spiritual paths. We intuit a mysterious power that holds us in a particular way when we find the courage to risk, or when we give ourselves to a life that is more challenging and demanding than we have previously known. We bring the mystery of this survival back to the tribe as a story- a precious gift to be shared, ritualized, and handed on to those not yet born. We want these myths to help the tribe survive the challenges of an unimaginable future…..Jerry Wennstrom

6 thoughts on “to be stewards of gracious intent

  1. Last week, I posted a note to another site – to someone who was feeling overwhelmed by the strangeness of a new place. They had commented about the process of finding oneself. Although I understand the concept and the feeling (haven’t we all felt lost), I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not about finding ourselves, but about remembering ourselves. We were never lost at all. Maybe we just stopped listening to the voice of our own soul. Maybe we thought every question had to be answered. Let us rejoice in the familiar, and be reminded that the unfamiliar isn’t all that. ~ Love you, Me

    • this is like a beautifully wrapped gift…..listening with the heart and the breadth of possibility….somewhere beyond the narrow confines of identity……ask your wings to gently unfold Bobbie…..

  2. Strangers we are to this land. Who can argue with intelligent design, prove it any more or less than some fantastic line if random chances that brought life an then consciousness to it. Which is more remarkable? If you could give up one which would it be … I know my choice … how much stranger could I be ? May a Peace that passes all understanding be your guide ….

    • a wabi-sabi kind of physics……the calling of a stunning spiral, fitting it all into place…..this is a blend of rhapsody and winter quiet…finding that in-between space g.f.s…..

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