shall we allow mercy?


Who can decide offhand

which is better,

to live or understand life?

…William James

the provocative tale of love and hate never redeems quite like we had hoped…..redemption comes with deep knowing, with unfailing witnessing, with acts of courage and vulnerability… intuitive spirituality of wise grace…..can we state our intentions?

If you connect clearly to the things you know you can have and want, then you’ll find that the actual process of doing them is an effortless flow. Intention gives us new vision, in which suddenly things that seemed impossible appear as possible. Having a focused intent is what will enable you to give up what stands in your way. It’s not magic’ you have to take the steps, use the tools, and do the work. But you’ve cleared the space and invited in grace, which, when present gains you access to the realm of transformative possibility. If we give up the barriers and pretenses and bring into view the things that we weren’t aware of about ourselves, take responsibility for them, and clear them, what we have underneath is love. Love is what’s left when we get all the other junk out of the way. In the space of love, all things are possible……Baron Baptiste

in combat with grace

Religion can be dangerous to your health. Spiritual practices, as they grow, can actually block grace, if ‘turning to God’ means leaving part of yourself behind. We can all too easily confuse developing a compassionate mind with thinking only ‘positive’ thoughts while banishing the rest. When that happens, all the potent reactivity of the ‘first breath’ of cursing is suppressed by the ‘second breath’ of spiritual practice, rather than softened, sweetened, and redeemed by openness to grace. The idea that we have to put our best foot forward with God has worked its way deep into many people’s unconscious. But we cannot hope to please God by rejecting parts of our own soul. Every aspect of the self, however rough, difficult, and dangerous, is meant to be redeemed and find its true place as a reflection of the image of God. Much religion in Jesus’ day and in ours shies away from the healing process, falling into the trap of piety in the worst sense of the word: keeping all the difficult stuff in our reactivity carefully out of sight by strong-willed self-control, showing a good face not only to the world but to ourselves as well. Instead of welcoming the difficult parts of the self into the light, we banish them to the darkness of unawareness, where they continue to undermine the best intentions of the conscious self…..Robert Corin Morris

6 thoughts on “shall we allow mercy?

  1. We trade religion for consciousness, as if by abdicating our responsibility to know our soul was forgiven, because we have to work our way in the world, so we give it over to the priests, and we’ll do as they say, so that we can die, we are redeemed vicariously by our faith and live forever in paradise …
    Yet we are full of disease, and broken heartedness, war, pestilence, and still we believe … Look at the word .. There’s a lie it! Yes religion is bad for our health, because it does not create healthy souls … It is good, healthy, to ask questions, the fire of the martyrs who died at the stake light our way … May a quiet discontent make you a little more whole today …

    • ….and questions are hard, so hard….especially the ones that hold our deepest fears, our deepest messes……but we don’t truly love without knowing what love really means….observing it all today….may you grow into your soul g.f.s….

  2. I love that one line ~ the provocative tale of love and hate never redeems quite like we had hoped….. And yet, it does if the weight of love is more than of hate. Then, the scales are tipped in the direction of home – in the digging deeper than just the light – in the returning to home with no more than the compass of our soul. Tho it may take time, light always trumps the darkness and love always overshadows that of hate……. Deeper that righteousness, the tipping of right. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • nothing quite like this sweet deep knowing….not the trite optimism of not knowing, but the pain and the faith in life spiraling into an unbreakable bond…..may you see hundreds of shades of blue in the night Bobbie…..

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