consider our forgetfulness


This is what I believe.

That I am I.

That my soul is a dark forest.

That my known self will never be more

than a little clearing in the forest.

That gods, strange gods come forth

into the clearing of my known self,

and then go back.

That I must have the courage

to let them come and go.

That I will never let mankind put anything over me,

but that I will try always to recognize

and submit to the gods in me

and the gods in other men and women.

…..D.H. Lawrence

we can’t really pretend that we’re blindly walking through this life….we have to let go of control, yet the weeds keep growing…..may we remember, and sit quietly there…..

Many traditional societies believe that the Four Rivers of Life- Inspiration, Challenge, Surprise, and Love- sustain and support us, and connect us to great gifts. They also believe that if we fail to stay connected to these rivers, we succumb to ‘walking the procession of the living dead’ and begin to experience soul loss, depression, stagnation, or other manifestations of acedia. The River of Inspiration reveals where we are in touch with our creative fire and our life dream. The River of Challenge calls us to stretch and grow beyond what is knowable or familiar. The River of Surprise keeps us fluid and flexible, and requires us to open to options and possibilities that we may not have considered. The River of Love shows us where we are touched and moved by life’s experience. How will we use our generative energies and stay connected to the Four Rivers of Life?……..Angeles Arrien

is it really all choice?

It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity

that great things are achieved,

but by reflection, force of character, and judgment;

in these qualities old age is usually not only poorer,

but it is even richer.


3 thoughts on “consider our forgetfulness

  1. Wisdom is as a date palm, slowly ripening in the sun. Age brings the fruit to bear, gives flavor to the wine, even the Oak and the Bristlecone Pine know that time is simply the rising and setting of suns. So love will surprise us … May you find find challenge and inspiration today …

    • love the simplicity in this… my class, ‘creative and conscious aging,’ we discuss how to live… to not fall into the aging stereotypes…..this idea of ripening appeases the sweetness…….it’s good to be alive g.f.s….

  2. Your comment on weeds spoke to me. Weeds are a cancer of sorts, and yet, who can blame them. They want the same as we, taking what they can and as much as they can. Let us sit within the stillness and remember we can’t remember everything. Let us stir soft within the love of simply (sweetly) being. ~ Love to you, Bobbie

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