when angels lead the way to grace

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The point in life is to know what’s enough-

With the happiness held in a one-inch square heart

you can fill the whole space

between Heaven and Earth.


thinking of life as an exercise in empathy……becoming and realizing and recognizing….all within the synchronicity of alignment…..may we sense the grace already flowing in our lives….

What if we set out every morning with curiosity,

with the intention to notice

as many opportunities as possible?

Would it not be like reading the world

as a holy book- a Lectio Divina of sorts,

that ancient practice of spiritual reading?

Every day we could be poring over

the unfolding of new and possible worlds.

There are innumerable, small opportunities

to be helpful, attentive, or kind.

Taking up these opportunities,

would we not come to know that we are

a living part of the infinite story?

But there are also countless opportunities to refrain

from harmful action: reactive annoyance, overdoing,

rushing, compulsive habits, spacing out,

and other myriad ways of not being present.

Could we slowly learn to live

the ‘no’ that is really a deeper ‘yes?’

And when excitement and fear are equally mingled,

could we realize that here and now

something is present

that we must consider with all our being?

Could we feel that our very own angel

has arrived at the doorstep? Could we open

and ask what love would encourage us to do?

…..Gunilla Norris

the heart of presuppositions

One’s whole nature integrates both external relations and inner processes. Hence, genuineness is fully genuine when both of these abilities are appropriately integrated. Therefore, what is most genuine pervades everything without ceasing. Being unceasing, it is everlasting. Being everlasting, it is self-sufficient. Being self-sufficient, it is all-inclusive. Being all-inclusive, it extends everywhere and is self-sustaining. Extending everywhere and being self-sustaining, it ascends high and shines forth. By extending everywhere and being self-sustaining, it contains everything. By ascending high and shining forth, it covers everything. Being all-inclusive and everlasting, it brings things to their completion. Such is the nature of genuineness. Even though it is invisible, it produces changes. Even though it exerts no effort, it accomplishes everything. The nature (tao) of Nature may be summed in one word: genuineness. It is free from duplicity. How id does what it does is a mystery. That bit of heaven which appears above us now is only the visible portion of the sky. But when thought of as unlimited, encompassing the sun and moon, stars and galaxies, it overarches everything……..Archie Bahm

2 thoughts on “when angels lead the way to grace

  1. There is so much grace, isn’t there? If we pause and listen, close our eyes and feel. It is there in the tempered reverie of a touch, a sigh, a shrill of laughter……. Our grace, our time, our bliss. It seems most find it all to easy to get lost in the sound of the wheels on pavement, and forget the wind that flows beneath our fingers. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • and when deeply touched by gratitude, we are lifted into that grace like a long-lost pal….knowing this is our place in the spinning world…..pausing just a moment, as you say so gently……allow and be with the wind…..may dawn find you warm today Bobbie…..

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