where does the soul hide?


Living life fully,

feeling on fire for the depth of the experience,

co-creating the meaning

that guides us in living with our hearts open. . .

this is why we are here.

May we have the courage to remember

and live the longing to be with it all.

…..Oriah Mountain Dreamer

we can fall in love with the spirituality of love…..with the freedom to sift through illusion and complex insights….nothing becomes sweeter though than the love that ages within the despair and the duality and still shines, a beauteous and worn faith…..

You have been hiding from me a long time.
Perhaps in the pages of the book I left unfinished.
Perhaps in the unplayed song on my guitar.
Maybe you were wrapped in the words I like,
like whimsical and love.
Maybe you were in the sorrow that cuts me to the quick,
and leaves me new and clear and hopeful.
Maybe you are the L in love.
Perhaps you have been lurking behind bookends.
Or maybe you have been asleep in the sentences
of my favorite piece of writing.
Were you in the straps of my favorite bag?
Or in the ink of my pen?
Or the pages of my Moleskine diary?
Could it be that you are the gleam in the ring I wear,
or the lead in the pencil I write with?
Perhaps you are the O in hope.
You have been hiding in the sense of accomplishment
that I have felt of late.
Or in the rim of my cup of coffee,
once I am done with it.
The foil that wraps my favorite bar of chocolate
carries you in it.
You look amused at the pleasure I derive
from the simple act of revealing what is underneath.
Maybe you are the V in overwhelmed.
I don’t know.
Maybe you are the edge of a sepia-tinted photograph
pregnant with meaning and memories.
I see you now, curled in the arm of the G,
lurking behind the length of the B.
I wonder why I have not seen you before,
in almost every space I inhabit.
Maybe you are the E in need.
Perhaps you are in the rightness of the embrace,
the silk of the kiss,
in the warmth of the voice
and heat of that smile.
Perhaps you have been waiting for me
to come your way and find you.
And I did. I read that book. I played a tune.
I cried. I hoped. I dared.
And there you were, looking at me,
as if to say, ‘Where have you been all this while?
I’ve been looking for you.’

……Srividya Sivakumar

to demand the sacred fire

Ken Wilber said:

‘Real love will take you far beyond yourself; and therefore real love will devastate you.’

Is this true? When you sink your hand into another’s spirit and meet emptiness, how can you not feel the wound of love? When the love of your life leaves you, how can you not be left empty? But can love leave a wound and why should emptiness leave you bereft? How can real love devastate you when real love is the absence of superficial egoic needs, the absence of falsehood, and all real love is the presence, and the present? With love, there can be emptiness, but no feeling of emptiness.

Can you actually remove love…can it ever be extinguished or forgotten?

If love is the presence, the sacred consciousness, the Divine expansiveness, is it possible to subtract from it, remove from it, and delete it from your consciousness? Is it possible to forget it?

Love is an experience of being whole. When we link it to another, we become dependent on that other for the fulfillment or satisfaction of our love fantasy. True love does not require a vehicle for its fulfillment or expression.

Osho said that ‘love demands nothing. It simply shares.’…David Arenson

8 thoughts on “where does the soul hide?

  1. I so love this, Blue………. I’m often accused of being a fool. If I ever loved, I surely do still. If I can stop loving, then how can I really say I ever did. Love isn’t something we do; it’s who we are. The more we love, the more we love. Far beyond the edge of sorrow, a sunset burns anew. ~ Bobbie

  2. this was perfect synchronicity for me…
    Thank You …
    Take care…You Matter…

  3. Love is a bird on the wing, rising with a current of air, the simplicity of creation, the movement of creation, the sun, moon and stars … the softness of a kiss, the reflection of what we are made of and from – Surely Love is everything …

    • poetics from the heart……so lovely and yet shows how love is in the depths of our very real lives…..may l-o-v-e create sacred space within your day…..blessings….

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