unwrapping little surprises


Keep your mind and heart open to possibilities and change, it could lead you to where you want to be or what you want to do…Within every person on this earth lies their unique gift and the resources to lavish it upon the world. Try new things, take risks, throw caution to the wind. Live fearlessly, live passionately, get out there and experience the world, meet new people, try new things. Dream big, be creative, be inspired. You won’t find or unlock your gift by wishing you knew what it was, you have to be ravenous for the truth, you have to trust your heart and you have to be guided by its wisdom. What is it that is whispering to you in the depths of your heart and soul? What do you want to do more of? What are you passionate about? What is your unique gift you could you give to the world? And what is holding you back? If you can’t travel, If you have families or loved ones and a life set up, then what can you do more of that makes you happy? We only have one life – and that life is short, and it is racing by……So please, listen to your soul’s calling and take a chance, see the world, or make a change, even a small one. Unlock your gift to the world and do more of what makes your soul sing…….Zoe Quiney

where is the inkling of heart’s desire, of longing and mysterious callings…..where will the unknowns lead? where are your feet planted? where do they want to roam?……where are the daydreams lingering in your Christmas reverie?

 The breezes at dawn
Have secrets to tell you;
Don’t go back to sleep.

revealing little blessings….

What force gently lifts back
night’s inky black gown
studded with shimmering stars,
where soot turns to umber,
seawater to crimson,
rose to saffron, and then
to that brilliant morning shade of blue,
spilling forth like the seven silk scarves of
Salome in a dance of revelation?

What is being awakened in you
in that threshold moment,
when a thousand black crows scatter to the west
to chase down the fleeing night,
when the souls of the dead
are said to recede with the evaporating starlight,
when the winds whisper
their secret dreams
for the day ahead?

Are you listening, in those first moments,
to the rustle of Eos’* wings rising in the sky
as she breaks through the fruitful darkness?
Carry all your sorrow from yesterday
in jars of dew, just like her tears over
a son’s broken body torn in two.
Sprinkle them, like holy water,
bathing the fields of possibility
and let your heart awaken once again.

*Eos is the Greek goddess of the dawn whose son Memnon was killed in battle

……Christine Valters Paintner

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