angels of Christmas magic


It’s imperative for us to understand that spiritual practice is not just something we do when we’re sitting in meditation or when we’re on retreat. Failing to see everything as an opportunity for practice is a setup for frustration and disappointment, keeping us stuck where we are and limiting our possibilities for inner growth. The more we include in our practice, the more satisfying our life can be. ……..Ezra Bayda

may you show your love in this exquisite moment of peace…..may you know your deepest gratitude on this holy day…..may you sweeten your peace with being peace……may your heart shine this Christmas…..

A Spirit that lives in this World and
Does not wear the shirt of Love,
Such an existence is a deep disgrace.

with the quiet of prayer

We are most open to and connected with our surroundings when we feel sincere gratitude. This is about more than just being grateful, it’s about how we show it. It’s about finding our individual expressions of gratitude in a way that makes our hearts burst with that warm tingling sensation of love. For me, it’s letting myself feel wildly passionate about the things that make me tick. I smile with my whole body, enough that it exposes my heart. People want to tell me everything and I let them; I listen and I respond. I love them. Feel your gratitude bubbling up in a way that can’t be suppressed. Let it move you from the core, giving you an unspeakable strength to do things you never imagined doing. Tell people how much you love them—with words and with actions. The world will see your heart; those who are lucky enough to know you will sense your openness to giving and receiving the love you exude…..Sara Rodriguez

4 thoughts on “angels of Christmas magic

  1. May all that is Christmas spring forth from your heart – to your arms, your hands, your words. May your eyes shine with Christmas light. May you love and be loved……..for this, the sweetest of all gifts. ~ Merry Christmas, my friend. Love ever ~ Bobbie

    • ….full of magic, wonder and possibilities…..where hearts are steady and true…..blessings to you too my friend on this deep winter’s night Bobbie….

  2. The sun stood still in the skies for three days and on the third day the sun began its journey once again, bringing warmth and love back into the world and into the hearts of men … May love shine upon you and light enter your life in the coming season.

    • I imagine the light seeping into all of us…..I imagine all that snow drifting in with warmth and hope……I imagine disappointment soothing into possibility…….Christmas sweetness to you g.f.s…..

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