where soul tucks its wings


Once you listen to that still, small voice inside, and act upon the fluttering ideas/feelings/gut punches it sends your way, you will realize you have always been a part of that conversation about living. You know, the one about creating yourself; about polishing your inner life. The one about how love infuses every aspect of our lives with more and more light…..Shavawn Berry

we usually ignore our deepest longings, accepting life as it is, without the sweet risk of expectancy……consider forgotten wishes as signs of a glaring possibility…..passion comes into its own….

Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche wrote, ‘Strangely enough, love, desire or passion hasn’t been completely captivated by the ego. It is the one emotion that has escaped that is completely outside the realm of ego, unlike anger, pride, and envy. Passion is a very powerful thing. It is the powerful makeup of the basic origin.’ In other words, it’s important for us as humans to recognize that passion is part of the special gift of humanity. The passion of humans is what makes life rich and enjoyable, and something we can use to build culture and unite community. Passion is also very much a part of being able to develop a genuinely romantic relationship with a real human being, with a real person……..Judith Simmer-Brown

deep in our bones….

All you ever longed for is
Before you in this moment
If you dare draw in a
Breath and whisper ‘Yes.’
—Danna Faulds

2 thoughts on “where soul tucks its wings

  1. I am convinced that most of the time, we get so caught up in living and in the expectation of destiny – that we forget to listen. The voice persists but we’ve unremembered the language of the soul – that sweet familiar knowing of all we once knew. Let us linger in moments and listen the more for a song once we taught to the wind. ~ Love you. ~ Bobbie

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