the spacious heart


Hear the passage into silence and be that…….Rumi

when we take the simplest next step, to be in the only moment that sits in front of us, we escape from ourselves, come back to ourselves, relive the forgotten moments, and settle in to the deepest, most sublime inner quiet…..

For a few moments each day,

could we listen for the silence in each sound?

Could we match that silence

with an inner stillness of our own?

Perhaps then we would hear

that which longs to be known,

to be given refuge

in simple human awareness and inclusion.

To listen to another fully

is to offer the heart like a vast sea.

That offering enlarges us.

Sometimes the heart is stirred up as surf is in a storm.

Sometimes it is becalmed and shiny with peace.

But always it is asked to be moved

by the great rhythm of meaning,

the deep and constant waves

of life requesting to be lived,

known, and heard.

….Gunilla Norris

you really are ok…..

An inner voice asked, ‘What would happen if, in this moment, I didn’t try to do anything, to make anything different?’ I immediately felt the visceral grip of fear and then a familiar sinking hole of shame- the very feelings I had been trying to avoid for as long as I could remember. But then the same inner voice whispered very quietly, familiar refrain, ‘Just let it be.’…….Tara Brach

2 thoughts on “the spacious heart

  1. O, Blue……….Just this morning, I was speaking with a friend, and she was talking about the years of her youth. She made the comment, ‘it was the time of our lives’……. And I responded, yes, but THIS is the time of our life too. Every day (every single day) is unlike any other. Regardless the ways or the do-overs, this moment (this next sweet eternal moment) is the BEST we have known of all we’ve known. Let us lean into apprehension for the heaven we’ve not yet encountered. Let us remember THIS for all time as the BEST (the very best) of times….. 🙂 Love to you. May your day be filled with unbelievable splendor! ~ Bobbie

    • Love the wisdom years shining through your blissness……oh, how we tend to glorify our youth…..the depth of now is rich because we can ‘see’ it……yes, dear Bobbie……wonderment and a blue sky day to you…..

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