unearthing divine ground

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Like many of us, I’m after that moment that opens up the world, that moment that keeps things whole: the sudden clearing in the forest, the swell of Mozart in my heart, the way time opens when my lover kisses me. And my burden has been to bemoan how it always goes: the sun does set, the music stops, the glow of love fades. Those of us captivated and opened by feeling the presence of all that is larger than us, we seek a way of being that will insure the recurrence of those moments. For some, it comes from the act of knowing. For others, from the act of caring. The longing in us, which can’t be extinguished, is the thing we call passion. It can be a powerful instrument of renewal. It can bring us back to the Original Presence that all beings share……Mark Nepo

what tugs at your bones?

Wholeness is a big idea. The call to wholeness is subtle and often unsettling, and can be easily ignored. When one becomes attuned, the call invites us to step into the unknown. The call is sparked by noticing, calling our attention inward. For many, the call is unwinding the source of deep confusion and disorientation, a subtle greyness that permeates life like a fog. The call comes when we are ready to know more than we have known before. Wholeness is a self-defined, initiatory process of becoming fully expressed……..Cat Caracelo

these aren’t mere words….these are creeds beyond creeds…..the primal way….the daunting cauldron of fear and wave on wave of tribes before us and after that dig trenches for us, light the torches for our dreamscapes and beckon us to know ourselves……

The only thing sadder than undiscovered potential is unused potential. Do not bring this sadness into your life. Seek intimidation. Hunt fear. Overwhelm yourself. Search for the opportunities that scare you and try to make each day an insatiable quest to question, not only your ability, but your confidence and faith in who you are and what you can do. Why? Because you must learn on this journey that deep down you already have all of the answers. And the only way to do that is to live the questions……’Long Distance Love Bombs’

4 thoughts on “unearthing divine ground

  1. Love this……… I see it in my students all the time. It’s not that they don’t have potential, but that they down-play it…….thinking it is nothing, until it becomes something less – something that looks like nothing because it was never used. ~ B

    • coming from our dreams makes it easier and more deeply committed I think….that space where we cannot be who we are not……so fragile…..your grounding presence is where their dreams are touched…..shine on Bobbie…

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