how do we find each other?

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Can you see and touch the divine that is in everything? We live in a secular society where there are few ceremonies in our daily lives that remember and acknowledge the sacred. Robbed of small formalities, we become deeply familiar with each others’ humanness. I want a little distance, once in a while, to remind me of what a mystery others are to me, and I to them, to anticipate touching with awe the divine in another. It’s easy to lose sight of the divine in the partner who takes out the garbage, and easier still if he or she doesn’t. It’s hard to remember to look for and see the beloved in the parking attendant or the check-out clerk we encounter. We need shared gestures, small ceremonies that help us pay attention, that let us see and honor the mystery of the other every day. This is the commitment my soul longs to make to the world……Oriah Mountain Dreamer

when the fear can subside, we can see each other, we can be with each other, we can get out of our own way…….we let go of judgment, we yield to comforts and vulnerability and collective experiences…..we don’t hold back…..we remember how to give……

As the Isa Upanishad reveals: ‘Who sees all beings in his own Self and his own Self in all beings, loses all fear.’ And so, once in the stream, the life of preparation ends, the life of defense ends, the measuring of individual traits ends. In those moments, fear somehow gives way to trust and control somehow evaporates into surrender. In those moments, the fish and stream are one. Maintaining our part in the unseeable web is also at the core of the working community that Confucius envisioned: ‘To find the central clue to our moral being which unites us to the Universal order, that indeed is the highest human attainment.’ In truth, the ground in which we each transform is a collective soil of spirit. Through this process of becoming one with all life- which is more than just identifying with other living things- our essential relation and health is realized. The essence of every living thing is embedded, dormantly potent, in the energy of heart that waits beneath the heart, and as Lama Govinda so touchingly puts it, enlightenment is an experience in which all of that essential relation becomes more than knowable, it becomes palpable…..Mark Nepo

your niche…..

Forget who you are

but remember what you are.

Every person is a human being,

so no one can truly be a stranger.

…..a 13 yr old girl to her dying grandfather

4 thoughts on “how do we find each other?

  1. I’ll use the word conspiracy since by definition it is a group of people who conspire to keep the truth hidden from a majority of others who are affected by it. It is one that crosses millennia of time, which makes it all the more implausible to those affected by it. The truth is, we are taught at every step and turn of our lives, that we are just our bodies, and that there is nothing that exists if we cannot touch or measure it … Whereas the exact opposite is true, and the very consciousness that is co-opted to perpetuate the lie, is the one that gives us this life and asks us to feel its sacred Spirit and decide for ourselves … send therefor not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee…
    May the sacredness of Spirit walk with each of you this day, and truth in life and living reveal itself in every breath you take …

    • this ‘little distance’ Oriah speaks of is the wheel from which we can observe the many facets of ‘who we are’…..and these paradoxical truths you share remind me I am whole, part of the wheel and observing the wheel…..with gratitude to you g.f.s. for shining this light on our sacred spinning……

  2. The last entry here really summed it up for me……… forget who you are and yet (and yet) remember who you are. It is the familiar unfamiliar that is living. To touch without touching; to see without seeing; to know without knowing; to lean always into the open that is really living……..finding the world (each and every soul) as someone (everyone) we already carry with us. ~ Love to you, my friend. ~ Bobbie

    • this is why we must find each other……to tether the knowing with the unknowing….not too tightly, but with the grounding that comes with true perception……glad I found you……may you carry on softly this dark winter’s eve Bobbie……

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