flashing fear at the cutting edge

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The hope that a human being can achieve complete honesty and self-knowledge with regard to themselves is a fiction and a chimera, the jargon and goals of a corporate educational system brought to bear on the depths of an identity where the writ of organizing language does not run. Self-knowledge includes the understanding that the self we want to know is about to disappear. What we can understand is the way we occupy this frontier between the known and the unknown, the way we hold the conversation of life, the figure we cut at that edge, but a detailed audit of the self is not possible and diminishes us in the attempt to establish it; we are made on a grander scale, half afraid of ourselves, half in love with immensities beyond any name we can give……David Whyte

the dark corners of our lives become little offerings…..what can be imagined is where we step lightly…..confusion and brightness as care of the whole……all too sacred to lose…remember your own ideology as a lifetime of amazing, fierce and necessary practicalities…..

First, come into the present. Flash on what’s happening with you right now. Be fully aware of your body, its energetic quality. Be aware of your thoughts and emotions. Next, feel your heart, literally placing your hand on your chest if you find that helpful. This is a way of accepting yourself just as you are in that moment, a way of saying, ‘This is my experience right now, and it’s okay.’ Then go into the next moment without any agenda…..Pema Chodron

old memories as gifts

Can it be that the reward for facing things is becoming things? Not at the expense of being who we are, but as the spiritual consequence of living at the center……Mark Nepo

4 thoughts on “flashing fear at the cutting edge

  1. We become the invisible, the long searched for soul reveals itself and we – the ego – truly disappears in its light. Not without a fight, nor is there ever a simple trading of our selves for the revelation of our Selves. There is always presence in the world, tempered by the will, the knowing becomes the unknowing quietly revealed in the stillness of the heart … may the school of life softly reveal its truth …

    • so much fear surrounds this extended letting go of the bitter edge….I resonate with Nepo’s suggestion of ‘becoming’….yes, a dynamic ideal that somehow bypasses the ego’s fear of ‘failure’……you know your heart g.f.s…..

  2. So many spend a lifetime running from those things which try us, which maim us, those things that whittle away at our faith. But look at the strongest, and you’ll see those who faced the waves head-on, focusing still on the joy that preluded the grieving…….the touch that knew not the scar. Our truth, our beauty, lies not in those things that feel soft around us……but in the rough woolen blanket that is life. Ahhhhhhhhhh, I love this, Blue. ~ Bobbie

    • oh yes….’rough woolen blanket’…..so many layers hidden there….our hearts aflame…..kindled again and again by life’s little fires…..I hear the cool tinkling of bells….soothing like distant rain…..may you be ensconced under a winter blanket…..listening…..love to you Bobbie…..

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