the sacred & profane act of listening

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We start with self-awareness. Most of our education is outer-directed. There is a lot to learn about the world- it’s endless. Often in therapy we turn attention inward for the first time. When you begin to explore awareness through meditation, psychotherapy, or some other discipline such as yoga, it is the turning of attention inward that is an important first step. In this way we discover that there is an inner world and we can begin to see how the mind works. We begin to recognize the power of the mind and how the inner is often the cause of the outer, instead of the other way around……Frances Vaughan

practices lead us into trance with our own drumming, with our own intuitive exhaustion, tension and heart balance…’s all there….the contradictions, the shadows, the love, and the great questions…profound insights are really a deep acceptance of our experiential mystery…

There is an activity which is essential throughout all different paths I’ve followed: to keep on inspecting, witnessing. Keep alert, present; watch what is going on internally as well as externally, but mostly internally. It’s not just daily practice. A daily practice is helpful, a meditation practice is helpful, but more important is the commitment to witness one’s self, to introspect, to look at what one is doing, to think about how those thoughts are beginning to shape a life and affect others- to be aware……Gay Luce

where does each path lead?

Exploring or unpacking the nuances of each part of self, what you experienced and felt at any pivotal moment of your life is filtered through the lens of that particular developmental age. Applying a variety of perspectives or cross pollinating your self knowledge with ideas, distinctions, details and theoretical information can be a dynamic way to reflect the diversity embedded within our parts, stories and expressions of self. This offers some dynamic ways of working with and applying multiple expressions. We are always gathering wholeness even when it feels like we are deep in the depths of old stories and deep pain. The potential for clarity and expansion is activated when there is a conscious connection made to cycles of life and ages and stages. It is an important part of depth work and extended process. I invite you to work with these ideas in a curious, experiential and exploratory way…..Cat Caracelo

4 thoughts on “the sacred & profane act of listening

  1. PD Ouspensky called it The Fourth Way – Self remembering, a practice of seeing oneself as clearly as we see others when looking out through the senses. In that way we gain a detachment from the ego-centric self. It is a hard thing to do, as we then use the same yardstick to judge ourselves that we use to judge others, and we come to see that sitting in judgment is counter to our evolution as humans … only moments count, that eternal sustain of the middle C of the piano, the om, the music of the spheres. May the song of the ages find you today …

    • we have so many layered filters…..removing one brings another to light… true, this need to unhinge the ego….to listen, when we like what we hear, and more importantly to listen more deeply when it is strained and wild and raw…..The Fourth Way fits well here…..the sensual world settles like snow around you g.f.s…..

  2. What a wonderful thing to go looking – only to find ‘it was there all the while’……. In the still, we learn ourselves familiar and not – again and again. And the answers, well, they aren’t nearly as difficult as we wanted to believe………. May internal oceans wash over your tiny white seashells……. ~ Bobbie

    • I found one of those ‘baby’s ear’ shells the other day….delicate, nostalgic, finely tuned to the heart…..this is what this remembering does for me…..allows me to step outside of myself into being for a wide-sky moment…..these, my dear friend, are these timeless answers you visualize so seamlessly….love…..

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