an enigmatic mystique


Awake my soul, awake, bestir thy energies, arouse thy apprehension, banish the sluggishness of thy deadly sloth, and take to thee solicitudes for thy salvation. Be the rambling of unprofitable fancies put to flight, let indolences retire, and diligence be retained. Apply thyself to sacred studies, and fix thy thoughts on the blessings that are of God. Leave temporal things behind, and make for the eternal within….St. Anshelm of Canterbury

in the midst of ambitious spiritual ideals, may we take in the world as it is, connect to the spinning orb, render it full of blessings, and come through the heart to the soul…..

I am drawn to ‘everyday miracles’- those not so unusual events that ground us with a felt sensation of unified energy or understanding. We need only be awake enough to catch them as they happen. One dramatic but certainly everyday miracle is found in watching the progress of a beautiful sunset until its end. I have done this many times from mountain tops as well as my own front porch. Facing west and watching the inevitable ending of the day, I sometimes get the sense that I am participating- that is possible for me to see the beauty of this sunset because I am that same beauty. For a few seconds I see the reflection of my essence in the colors across the sky. To acknowledge such a possibility feels both impossible and real. I feel the beauty of the sunset in the center of my chest. It is not an emotion. It is a feeling of knowing beauty- of being it. Everyday miracles provide us with chances to become conscious of the unitary nature of consciousness, itself…….Elissa Cobb

worries of the wood & wind

As we progress and awaken to the soul in us and things, we shall realize that there is a consciousness also in the plant, in the metal, in the atom, in electricity, in everything that belongs to physical nature…..Sri Aurobindo

4 thoughts on “an enigmatic mystique

  1. To pour ourselves into a place of beginning………..we make ourselves richer, the universe richer! 🙂 Let us pour and let us spin………. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • I see the whirling dervishes amidst an eclectic collection of spinning hearts…..alive with the trees and nests and storms and seasons…..may we always know to jump into the dance Bobbie…..

  2. Spirit is consciousness. To melt into a setting sun, or a beach washing onto the shore, a beat downwind with no thought of anything, only the experience, the joy of taking part in creation itself is all … that is what we are, that is who we are … in one word .. all … May the wind join forces with your soul …

    • such a pure ideal that loosen the pressure, the pull of ‘not enough’…..we are the everyday miracles…..I see beauty everywhere when I can be swept up…….hope you can venture outside today to take it all in g.f.s….

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