a love letter for you & us

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Most of us cling to some small part of life, and think that through that part we shall discover the whole. Without leaving the room we hope to explore the whole length and width of the river and perceive the richness of the green pastures along its banks. We must perceive the whole process of living if we are really to understand life. Life is an extraordinary mystery- not the mystery in books, not the mystery that people talk about, but a mystery that one has to discover for oneself; and that is why it is so grave a matter that you should understand the little, the narrow, the petty, and go beyond it. But you cannot do that unless you have love- which is to love the birds, the trees, the flowers, your teachers, your parents, and beyond your parents, humanity. Without this feeling of intense love you can never have the perception of the whole……Krishnamurti

life’s innumerable vanishing points come to us in the emptiness of being without love…..we muddle it all up….we forget….we lose our loves…..we forget to see the love in front of us……we fall down simply to remind us that we are all human, and we all fall down….it’s so much easier when we help each other to begin again…..

In the book, The Color Purple the character of Celie expressed it like this: ‘One day when I was sitting quiet and feeling like a motherless child, which I was, it come to me: that feeling of being part of everything, not separate at all. I knew that if I cut a tree, my arm would bleed.’ This awareness begins what I can only call a return to earth. In our return we start to experience within creation what Gerard Manley Hopkins called the ‘dearest freshness deep down things.’ We’re grazed by the truth that every bird in a nest, every gurgle of a brook, every coral in the sea is God’s beloved. Hildegard said that God adores creation and creation adores God. She pleaded that the earth not be injured, for earth’s injury is an injury to God. As we emerge from the chrysalis, the illusion of separateness is shattered. We discover that God so loved the world that God gave us each other. We enter a vibrant knowing that we’re one with every creature…..Sue Monk Kidd

love begins one little touch at a time

This is the Spirit’s Thread, which love makes visible. It exists in everything. The thread of Spirit- there in the rock and the rose and dark heart waiting to be known. And in order to befriend the Whole, in order to stay in relationship with all that is larger than us, we are invited to care for our Spirit’s Thread. We are invited to honor the Spirit’s Thread in everything, so the light hidden in the rock and the blood hidden in the rose might help revive our dark and waiting heart. I think this beautiful notion implies that we are called to care for the small, thin thing that lives in each of us, that connects who we are to the world. We can understand that small passageway as our breath, our heart, or openness of mind. It is the vital tether by which we can tremble in awe at the infinite power and gentleness of life…….Mark Nepo

2 thoughts on “a love letter for you & us

  1. I am reminded of a conversation from years ago. There was talk about the discovery of universes even beyond what we had already named, and I heard someone comment that the notion would put an end to those with belief in God. Really? My immediate response was, ‘well, obviously, God is even bigger than we thought’. The same is true for life and for love. We cling to our little notions of what both should be, and miss out on the grander truth – that both are bigger than our ability to imagine. It is only in the acceptance, the allowance, the understanding of all that is little that we can open our heart enough to take in the more……… for always there is more. And the only way to hold it all is to stretch the heart………. 🙂 Love to you, my beautiful friend. ~ Bobbie

    • you bring to light such a vital clue about our inner knowing……how it’s not about ‘knowing’….it’s about allowing…..big baggy hearts…….from me to you Bobbie…..

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