the brave & free kind of gravity


If we suspend our judging minds, we will see that what God has made is very good. Creation is wondrous. It is not for us to deny such gifts. The only natural response is gratitude and care. To wake every morning knowing that we, no matter what, are fundamentally very good and that our neighbor is very good as well, is to wake into any new day as if it were the dawn of creation, the very first day. Receiving the inherent goodness of God’s creation is the day’s invitation. It happens each and every morning. When we daily attend to this invitation with a responding intention to find goodness in our own being and the being of others, our lives will be sanctified. We come to realize that each one of us is created deeply blessed, and that we are asked to further that blessing in the way we live. We come to realize that each of us is created deeply blessed, and that we are asked to further that blessing in the way we live……Gunilla Norris

you’ve been here before…..sifting between the struggles of truth and smallness…..this crossroads is most beautiful when the flame of aliveness mirrors our profound and mysterious contradictions….the sweet soul dissipates into our inherent suffering…..

Once we accept that home is here we can at least hopefully stagger ahead, using doubt as a stick, while we look for light. The shadow side of suffering exists but, as Carl Jung points out, there’s no need to cling to darkness. Why not, instead, help to brighten local conditions? Castaneda’s Don Juan mentions the choice between a smile and a sob. ‘Me? I prefer to laugh.’ Dizzy Gillespie sings about the sunny side of the street. We can cross over. Too simple? Perhaps not. It is immature to waste energy to pinpoint the calamities, join them up in an endless lament, however artistic and musical it may turn out to be. To excuse our presence here as forced upon us by inevitable exile could be quite shortsighted, and blocking the way. By accepting suffering the way out could open up. By whose fault are we here? Our own? By whose merit? Our own again? Acceptance–it certainly clarifies the private inquiry, a fascinating pursuit, requiring all the energy we can possibly provoke. We are home, now let’s look about a bit…..Janwillem van de Wetering

searching for home

Life is precious, for it is only life—particularly the condition of human life—in which one can attain enlightenment…..Allan Hunt Bidener

4 thoughts on “the brave & free kind of gravity

  1. Does the mind follow the heart or the heart follow the mind? This is the dilemma we are immersed in and if left to drift through life, becomes a constant … so much so that we feel the horoscopes in the daily papers apply to us. As if we were playing cards in some great hand of poker. Yet we can choose our suit, our player, and our hand, and should we choose the Joker, then the Universe is our playground, be anything we want to be! Only, there is the rub – decide – we must decide ! May your destinations be clear and the wind fill your sails, as your ship’s clock winds its way in time …

    • we tend to mix our choices with our expectations…..losing sight of the giving and receiving, of the need for letting go, and of the heart’s own sense of time….no luffing in the sails when it’s slow and steady….no excuses, yet forgiving all the same…..a dreamscape g.f.s….

  2. ‘Inherent in our suffering’ – what a divine thought. For in our suffering, we are somehow closer to the sacred heart – the scarred poem of truth. Perhaps it is because we cannot look upon our sorrows without remembering from whence they came – a path surely stewn with joy. ~ Bobbie

    • we know we have to participate fully, yet we don’t always know how….like sinking down the silky ropes in a circus tent…..sweet falling, yet falling is always hard…..I can see the swinging trapeze, high and low…..a gentle spell cast just for you Bobbie….

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