begging the dawn to know the night

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The birds don’t alter space.
They reveal it. The sky
never fills with any
leftover flying. They leave
nothing to trace. It is our own
astonishment collects
in chill air. Be glad.
They equal their due
moment never begging,
and enter ours
without parting day. See
how three birds in a winter tree
make the tree barer.
Two fly away, and new rooms
open in December.
Give up what you guessed
about a whirring heart, the little
beaks and claws, their constant hunger.
We’re the nervous ones.
If even one of our violent number
could be gentle
long enough that one of them
found it safe inside
our finally untroubled and untroubling gaze,
who wouldn’t hear
what singing completes us?

…..Li-Young Lee

who cries with the ancient ones? how do we reconcile our own tears and seek out our calling in the world? we are pilgrims, marking time in our own lives, remembering that day comes after night and we only live within our true nature……

When the dark is at rest, the light begins to move.

….The Secret of the Golden Flower

afraid of the dark

Just how do we deal with agitations of the dark? How do we make our way through the tangle of being confused or sad or blocked in understanding a way to tomorrow? It seems natural enough to treat our problems like an overgrown path and go hacking our way through, doing small violence to ourselves. Yet this insight from an ancient Chinese text implies something harder and simpler. It implies that agitation itself is dark, that only when we can keep our hands off will there be room for light. It seems that agitations of the dark always cover over. For myself, I worked for years covering over sore lesions of esteem with agitations of accomplishment, till my heart was covered over with a thicket of achievements. Only when I put the achievements aside did the light begin to move. Only then did a Universal warmth reach my sore center. Only when I let the dark energies rest did I begin to heal……Mark Nepo

6 thoughts on “begging the dawn to know the night

  1. I’ve spent many a night beneath the stars………and almost always, there is a moment when you cannot see them. The dark seems so big, and in that instance, it’s easy to become anxious. But in the relaxing of breath, and the allowance of even the dark, the stars appear… after the other. Light trumps dark every time. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • and yes, oh yes, the dark cradles us with heat and the heartbeat of ancient time….blessings to the spacious remembering….love to you Bobbie…..

  2. There was an episode in the original Star Trek series called Who Mourns for Adonis … The one who clung to Olympus the longest, who waited until the very end to realize there was no longer a place for the gods amongst humanity. We had outgrown them, learned there lessons, and reached out for the stars. We never know when the darkness rests what light will come, or what truth will accompany it. Should we seek our own raison d’etre then let us learn the comfort in knowing the dawn is awakening in us, and the noon day’s light is not far behind. It is often hard to believe we choose to be here, that we were willing to give up the Garden, to learn about Hell, but also about forgiveness, compassion, and through consciousness know ourselves as the stars do, and are … let the Plan of Light and Love work out, and may it seal the door where evil dwells..

    • these choices are deep reminders of the wheel….the four directions…..the awakening of the four seasons…..the rise and fall…..infinite trust….ode to the light g.f.s…..

      • … is as if I am floating under water, but not moving…..holding all that water, but not feeling the heaviness……not cold, not afraid, but no light has seeped around me yet….dreamless….such a rich time of waiting and being…..I can only hope to honor this time so that I may know its gifts…….blessings in gratitude to you my friend….

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