rooted in snow light


The eyes experience less stress

when they can look upon a wider horizon.

…..R.D. Chin

this dim reckoning distances us from the boxed room, the small mind, and the harsh reflex of doubt… deep is that snow that lights up the fireflies caught in winter?…….a thousand springs breathe under this heart opening and soul darkening… many times will we succumb to these glimpses of light?

The Love we show saves the Love we hide, the way a sprig in sun feeds its unseen root. Even though I believe in living in the open, parts of me hide. I can’t help it. But what I can help is which parts of me- the open or the hidden- run my life. What I can rely on is this inexplicable knowing that when I am in the open, life nourishes even those parts so sorely hidden. Just as green stems in spring stay connected to their darker roots, just as the roots grow when the stems do, my compassion soothes my fear where I can’t see. Unknown to me, my love feeds the underside of my confusion. The light I take in keeps the roots of my soul alive. We become so preoccupied with what we are not able to address, what we are not able to mend, what we are not able to leave behind, that we forget that whatever we are in the light of day is slowly, but surely, healing the rest of us….Mark Nepo

we need to believe

One does not become enlightened

by imagining figures of light,

but by making the darkness conscious.

….Carl Jung

4 thoughts on “rooted in snow light

  1. We call it enlightenment, yet a Jung states it is an uncovering, or an ability to see in the dark, a night vision, that is not blinded by light like the Owl’s but an enhancement of sense perception that guides us through that dark night of the soul. Just as we trust without knowing the forces that build our bodies, so we come to trust the senses to guide us through the night – may you faith be renewed as the darkness clears …

    • this sensual knowing never ‘fails’……we may not always listen to our intuitive gleanings, but these nuances have the power to pull us from the hidden corners, into our time…..I trust, you trust…indeed……long sweet night into day to you g.f.s…..

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