beauty & the beast of soul

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It is not easy for students to realize that to ask, as they often do, whether God exists and is merciful, just, good, or wrathful, is simply to project anthropomorphic concepts into a sphere to which they do not pertain. As the Upaniṣads declare: ‘There, words do not reach.’ Such queries fall short of the question. And yet—as the student must also understand—although that mystery is regarded in the Orient as transcendent of all thought and naming, it is also to be recognized as the reality of one’s own being and mystery. That which is transcendent is also immanent. And the ultimate function of Oriental myths, philosophies, and social forms, therefore, is to guide the individual to an actual experience of his identity with that; tat tvam asi (‘Thou art that’) is the ultimate word in this connection. By contrast, in the Western sphere—in terms of the orthodox traditions, at any rate, in which our students have been raised—God is a person, the person who has created this world. God and his creation are not of the same substance. Ontologically, they are separate and apart. We, therefore, do not find in the religions of the West, as we do in those of the East, mythologies and cult disciplines devoted to the yielding of an experience of one’s identity with divinity. That, in fact, is heresy. Our myths and religions are concerned, rather, with establishing and maintaining an experience of relationship—and this is quite a different affair. Hence it is, that though the same mythological images can appear in a Western context and an Eastern, it will always be with a totally different sense. This point I regard as fundamental……Joseph Campbell

forgetting is ok…..not knowing is ok…..doubting is ok…..cutting ourselves off from others is not so ok…..brooding over our unseen failures is not so ok……losing our soul to fear is not so ok…..may we find our hearts again and again simply by asking…..

Unknowing, if one can be open and vulnerable, will take us down to the very deeps of knowing, not informing the mind but coursing through the whole body, artery and vein–provided one can thrust aside what the world calls common sense, that popular lumpen wisdom that prevents the emerging of the numinous…..Pamela Travers

to lighten up into wisdom

The spiritual journey is a creative journey. It’s about birth. It calls us past the boundaries of convention. It tests our willingness to see life in a new way and our courage to express it: for new ways of viewing life in the face of what is commonly accepted. We become new, and in this ongoing birthing, we bring new forms to life as well. Life itself has become a creative act, full of vitality and richness and passion……Anne Hillman

4 thoughts on “beauty & the beast of soul

  1. Regardless our circumstances, I can’t imagine ever not seeing something good – something that helps me to fall in love with my life again. The cure for most all our ills can be found in opening wide such that love spills over as the universe spills in. ~ B

    • ……you always get to the heart of gratitude…..this seeing clearly serves your poetry so well……fill the well and may your cup runneth dear Bobbie…..

  2. Not only do we make God in our own image, but in the west we make God a man. There was a time when Athena ruled Mt Olympus, one day we will accept the truth, we WERE made in the image of God, there is no duality, unless we choose to believe it! May the sun rise on your day with a presence of love …

    • Campbell makes it clear…..why can’t our questions be as big as our answers? Allowing the great mystery to expand us. Another blessing of the poets g.f.s….

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