a gesture toward meaning


Not knowing when the dawn will come,

I open every door.

….Emily Dickinson

we find our place through comfort….yet it’s through mystery we find conscious attunement and perception of our deep language….we seek one another to know…..

In 1905, Albert Einstein challenged the Newtonian view of absolute time and absolute space with his ‘special theory of relativity.’ Einstein’s equations in this did not treat of time and space; they assumed, instead, the existence of a unitary continuum that Einstein termed ‘space-time.’ While space-time held sway within the conceptual order of relativity physics, our direct, perceptual experience was still assumed to be structured according to the separable dimensions of time and space. Phenomenologists tend to assume a clear distinction between space and time. Heidegger disclosed a forgotten sense of time as the very mystery of Being, as that strange power- essentially resistant to all objectification or representation- that nevertheless structures and makes possible all our relations to each other and to the world. Indeed, the past, the present, and the future are here described by Heidegger as the 3 ‘ecstasies’ of time, the 3 ways in which the irreducible dynamism of existence opens us to what is outside ourselves, to that which is ‘other.’…..David Abram

our curious limitations

A tree is an incomprehensible mystery.

….Jim Woodring

2 thoughts on “a gesture toward meaning

  1. How is it possible that we are the children of the same divine Creator who made the stars, and yet we choose not to be on fire? We sit in personal incubators, ignoring the sub-surface connection with all things. So busy with solving the mystery that we overlook the beauty it wears……. ~ Love to you, Bobbie

    • love that, ‘personal incubators’….this is why we need forest floors, ocean shores, and mountain peaks…..may you enjoy your porch this spring Bobbie……

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