a dreamscape of forgotten knowing


The most important part of the practice is for the question to remain alive and for your whole body and mind to become a question. In Zen they say that you have to ask with the pores of your skin and the marrow of your bones. A Zen saying points out: Great questioning, great awakening; little questioning, little awakening; no questioning, no awakening. —Martine Bachelor
where can we express this ancient pattern, this resolution to old and tired fears? may we emerge with deep hearts, full of broken lines, etched deep like canyon rivers, yet fresh as roses…..
Unless we live all our lives in the torment of the contradictions, as C.G. Jung insists, then we’re not human. We can’t become whole. If you’re stuck, and you don’t know what to do, stuck between two opposites, and you allow them each to live within you, then a small transformation of the ego takes place. It becomes related to the Self instead of identifying with it. Jung says “God becomes manifest in the human act of reflection.” That is to say, our God images are what we see in our mirrors. Narcissus’ God image was his own ego. But the Zen mirror, which they say must be utterly free of dust, reveals the experience of the whole. That’s the whole point of Zen, isn’t it? All the contradictions–you can’t put it into words at all. It’s a sudden breakthrough…..Helen Luke
It is the entelechy of the acorn to grow into the oak tree. The entelechy of a caterpillar to grow into a butterfly. And yes, every single person is born with the entelechy of greatness……Jean Houston

2 thoughts on “a dreamscape of forgotten knowing

  1. I tend to see the best in everyone, but (unfortunately) also assume that everyone is emotionally capable of reaching their highest potential. To be honest, there have been times over my life when I’ve fallen in love with the highest potential of a man, rather than with the man himself. In retrospect, I suspect that’s part of the alure I held for them – my ability to see something they couldn’t. Too often, I’ve been a victim of my own optimism. As a rule, we are not limited by what we ‘can do’, but rather by what we ‘will’. ~ May love keep a plate always on your table, my friend. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • wise words from the well of a deep life……the beauty comes from the continued questioning….the forever aliveness and eternal grace……holding hands with old loves…..to your ancient heart Bobbie….

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