where doubt cannot find us

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The seasons remind me
that I must keep changing.
~Donald Miller

nameless….these feelings of change and depth and the opening of spring hope…..may we feel a sense of rooted wholeness and muddy boots holding us as we seek shelter….always seeking…..

The Song of the Lark

Whoever listens in this silence, as she listens,
will also stand opened, thoughtless, frightened
by the joy she feels, the pathway in the field
branching to a hundred more, no one has explored.
What is called in her rises from the ground
and is found in her body,
what she is given is secret even from her.
This silence is the seed in her
of everything she is
and falling through her body
to the ground from which she comes,
it finds a hidden place to grow
and rises, and flowers, in old wild places,
where the dark-edged sickle cannot go.

….David Whyte

let go, let go said the wind

When I was about six years old I received the essential bodhichitta teaching from an old woman sitting in the sun. I was walking by her house one day feeling lonely, unloved and mad, kicking anything I could find. Laughing, she said to me, “Little girl, don’t you go letting life harden your heart.” Right there, I received this pith instruction: we can let the circumstances of our lives harden us so that we become increasingly resentful and afraid, or we can let them soften us and make us kinder and more open to what scares us. We always have this choice. No matter where we are on the bodhisattva path, whether we are just beginning or we’ve practiced for years, we’re always stepping further into groundlessness. Enlightenment is not the end of anything. Enlightenment, being completely awake, is just the beginning of fully entering into we know not what…..Pema Chodron

2 thoughts on “where doubt cannot find us

  1. I feel that such is the truth (the lesson) that is life. To be (to BE) in this – this divine ONE moment. This (love), all we know, all we can be sure of……….is big enough to hold the stars beside us, the path no longer required to find the way. ~ Love you. ~ B

    • I cherish the old lady earth in her resplendent openness…..her regal beauty…..and her capacity to forgive……when I know this, I can be open too….may your day find you in awe of ‘this divine one moment’…..blessings Bobbie….

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