the sensual world of wholeness

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One does not become enlightened

by imagining figures of light,

but by making the darkness conscious.

…..Carl Jung

ever wonder how we know what it means to completely let go? where can we find the trust to feel anguish when it’s time, to feel joy when it’s time, and to surrender in between?

One of the most important things in life is to be able to find a sense of inner stability, because it’s this foundation that allows us to look into the nature of our experience in a clear and objective way. Unless we can find this inner stability in our lives, we’ll always be pushed around by the next experience, by the next thing that happens to us, by the next person or situation that we encounter that is difficult or challenging. In order to come upon this stability, we have to be able to listen in a new way. It is then that we can experience this deep inner silence. This silence is not merely a quiet mind, where the mind rests and you’re not experiencing emotion or feeling, or where you’re not hearing or connected with the exterior world. Rather, it’s a space within where all our experience naturally occurs. This is a different kind of silence. Instead of trying to control our minds or environments by contracting or hiding in order to find this inner stillness, we must throw our senses wide open- listening, feeling, seeing- and become very wide and vast. We welcome all our experience, both that which is happening on the inside as well as that on the outside. I’m pointing to a stillness that is directly related to this capacity to open to all experience, not just those that are pleasant and comfortable. It is only then that we begin to realize that so much of our instability is caused by our constant arguing with what’s happening. When our minds start to open, we’re no longer in a constant state of evaluation and judgment. Naturally, then, our senses open- and we can really see what is before us. Open-mindedness allows you to embrace the nature of your experience. And this is when you start to discover a type of inner stillness, an inner stability, that vast unchanging expanse that is at the heart of everything……Adyashanti

to be fully in this life

First turn yourself upside down

empty yourself like a cup of wine

then fill to the brim with the essence.


2 thoughts on “the sensual world of wholeness

  1. I suspect that the truth of our own life is found in the letting (the allowing) of moments of extreme bliss, but in moments of hurting and sorrow. Allowing ourselves a less than perfect response, a time of breaking and bleeding. Surely, we must be broken open to allow more light, more love, more compassion – not just for others (for the world) but for ourselves. Let us surrender to more than just ‘the right way’, but to the only way – to the worth that comes from sometimes taking the wrong path. Let us learn sweetly the taste that is tears, and be reminded of the rocks that created the most precious of our scars. ~ Love to you this beautiful day, my friend. ~ Bobbie

    • So tender, so raw, so real….the kind of response I’ll come back to on a bad day…..may you know your heart and rest in its stillness Bobbie…..

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