altars made of fears

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Don’t give in to your fears.

If you do, you won’t be able to talk to your heart.

….Paulo Coelho

there’s a panic that sinks in when we fear we’re doing it all wrong, and a worse panic when we give in to that fear, tying us in knots……maybe a healthy fear is about walking through it, owning it, honoring it…..and moving on….listen, listen, from that deep panic…..

There is no box. Don’t just think outside the box. Disregard the box altogether because there is no box. Or make your own damn box and make it any shape you want. You get to say what goes. You define you.

Promise yourself that you’ll stop binding your life plan with shoulds and supposed to’s, and just make up your own rules as you see fit in your current life, as things are, today. And you can feel free to continuously redefine your master life plan as you change and evolve since you inevitably will. Cultivate the beginner’s mind –it has no biases, questions everything, and sees anything as possible.

Honor thy heart, for it knows what you really need. Get quiet enough to hear your heart’s whispers and then trust what is revealed to you in those whispers. The heart, a super-sensitive organ, is highly susceptible to the trickery that our minds like to play.

But staying present by being where your feet are keeps the brain chatter and mental trickery just faint enough so that we can still hear the heart speak. Listen to her, do not shush her. She needs to be heard or she will retaliate.

….Sasha Tozzi

give in to knowing

I try to believe like I believed when I was five-

when my heart told me everything

I needed to know.

…Lucy Liu

2 thoughts on “altars made of fears

  1. At the seat of our days, our soul……..our heart. The language never changes; only our willingness to listen. Surely, we must ask ourselves what we would do if we weren’t afraid. Our heart tells us. Does the sparrow worry for the jagged rocks below? Nature does not fear the changing of seasons. I wonder how many of our fears can be attributed to one – the fear of time running out. Fearless isn’t about living a life without doubt or being afraid. Surely, it is the courage to act despite the fear and uncertainty. ~ May the clouds be especially soft today. ~ Bobbie

    • And to forgive ourselves……all of our little faults show a little more as time moves on, but the forgiveness can be gentler and sweeter for these rough edges have known life….I believe in okness….may your courage hold you Bobbie….

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