stripped bare to the soul


Simply be what you are,
not ‘this’ one or ‘that’ one,
but The One,
the space for all of it.
……Jeff Foster

our hearts linger in the space in between desire and calm, between knowing who we are and who we think we should be, between surrender and fear…….this is the way, so it is…..

Human beings desire to be seen, to be known by those who are important to us. I sometimes wonder if the preoccupation with fame in our culture rests on a widespread unmet longing to be truly seen by those we know and love. Perhaps presenting ourselves as other than who we are (someone kinder or wiser or more adventurous) feels better than the invisibility we may fear. The truth is, it takes real courage to be who we are, especially when we have received rewards for allowing ourselves to be seen as someone else. Sooner or later, if we want to be true to ourselves, we have to be willing to risk becoming invisible to those who want us to be someone we aren’t. (And we may have been the ones who have taught them to have this expectation!) When I spent long weeks alone in the wilderness I often thought, “Who am I here, now with no one to see or hear me?….Oriah Mountain Dreamer

we forgot to believe

To let go.
Some have a hard time
letting go of what is no longer,
what cannot be, what is not,
what has never been.

People say
‘just let go,
just let go,
just let go’
scattering the platitude like confetti
immediately swept away by any wind.

What is it exactly, this letting go?
No longer allowing the eye
to be caught by the hook…
No longer fastening the lock on the door,
just letting the door swing as it will…
No longer visiting the graves
where there is no love
and no blessing in both directions…
No longer reviewing and reviewing the past,
even the last moment,
as though there will be a test.
There will not be a test, dear soul.

What is it exactly,
this letting go?

Not reading the same chapter over and over
and over and over, futilely attempting
to make the indelible facts be rewritten…
Making new memories of quality
to bathe old scars and new life…
Moving into a larger world
in which the past
is but a dot on the landscape
rather than the only continent in sight.

We all find our ways…
letting go is shaking loose,
letting go is turning
in your great coat, into a new wind
forward into new sky and open road
leaving what cannot be,
and taking all treasure
from the wreck.

Each in her own way.
Each in his own way.

This comes with love. Hang in there. No one deserves to be nailing the hem of their cloak to the crossroad that once was, but that is not now.

….Clarissa Pinkola Estes

4 thoughts on “stripped bare to the soul

  1. Reaching in the dark to find another – a hand which fits with ours – only to discover it is ours. Allowing ourselves the freedom that can only be found in flaws. How sweet the letting go of illusions we were never meant to hold, or surely not for long. Within the willingness of truth, my arms can barely hold the wonder that is my soul………. *sigh* I love this, blue.

  2. I crawl out of my own “woods” sometimes and realize that the sky is still blue…it’s extraordinary…..again and again we learn how to live……with gratitude for knowings and friends along the way…….may the light shine through the trees for you Bobbie…..

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