to be embittered or not


The revelation of Oneness
brings a great peace and rest
at the center of our being.

to be touched deeply means to know meaning….well, maybe….what it really means is to trust without seeing, without knowing….this is the ultimate freedom, the wild underbelly of conscious awakening…..

Consciousness is like a lantern on a dark night illuminating everything within a circle. When it’s carried from one place to another some new obscurity surrounds the circle of clarity. What we know about ourselves is in continual dialogue with darkness. Self knowledge and ignorance are linked because of the selective structure of the human mind. In focusing attention on one thing we ignore another. The unknown self contains all of those experiences, feelings, fantasies, and possibilities that we repress rather than act out. Happiness is free flow between your known and unknown selves, trust in the compatibility of conscious and unconscious. The more we venture into the psychic depths the more likely we are to discover that the unknown is not peopled with enemies…S. Keen & A. Valley-Fox

where do your shadows lie?

The real problem is that we are used to looking at the world simply. We are accustomed to believing that something is there or it is not there. Whether we look at it or not, it is either there or it is not there. Our experience tells us that the physical world is solid, real, and independent of us. Quantum mechanics says, simply, that this is not so……Gary Zukav

2 thoughts on “to be embittered or not

  1. Ironic you should post this. Just this morning, I commented to a friend about something I’m trying to put words to. There is much that I do not know (and that’s okay). There’s much I’ll never know (and that’s okay). I will always question, but am content with not having the answers. There’s a reason God is God and I am not. As for the things I don’t know, I don’t need a reason for why I don’t……… ๐Ÿ™‚ Did that make you as dizzy as it did me? See why I’m searching for the words? ๐Ÿ™‚ Love to you, my friend. May the questions come sweetly. ~ Bobbie

    • Yes! I feel like we could go on with this conversation…..that unapologetic tenderness toward all that is given up to God… I enjoy my Sat. am quiet with birds and sunshine and hope for the day, I revel in a contentment, not because all is perfect, but because it all simply is… to you my friend Bobbie….

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