dwelling in beauty’s shadows


At some point in life, the world’s beauty becomes enough.
…..Toni Morrison

beauty simply is….we do not make it so…….the magnetic grounding of deep knowing is enough to shine into the numinous, full and streaming goodness…..this is becoming…..

Beauty is a primeval phenomenon,
which itself never makes its appearance,
but the reflection of which is visible
in a thousand different utterances
of the creative mind,
and is as various as nature herself.

the touchstone of imagination

Beauty envelops the heart and mind. In beauty’s presence there is no longer any separation between thought and senses, between heart and soul. Indeed, the experience of beauty confirms the intricate harmony and creative tension of senses and thought. Yet beauty is always more that the senses can perceive. Beauty awakens the soul, yet it is never simply ethereal. Beauty offers a profound psychological and indeed mystical invitation. The dream of beauty is the self drawn forth to its furthest awakening, where the senses and the soul are utterly alive and yet in harmony, brimming with presence……John O’Donhue

7 thoughts on “dwelling in beauty’s shadows

  1. Reblogged this on bornalmost and commented:
    I can’t add a single word here, for having been found my bliss on exploring these beautiful lines. Feel them within your deep interiors of peace and calm for sharing the same experience with me….

    • beauty offers itself in the deepest recesses of the heart….an imperative we don’t even realize how much we need……I am so grateful to the sweet little flowers inviting me in today…..may you revel in the unseen beauties today Bobbie….

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