the sanctity of our fragility


Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge

and lean over to watch the river

slipping slowly away beneath you,

you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.

…. Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne

why do we forget that we know wholeness follows light and mercy, floods the broken places with possibility and mends the day into night…..

For those who have found the still point of eternity,

around which all- including themselves- revolves,

everything is acceptable as it is; indeed, can be

experienced as glorious and wonderful. The first

duty of the individual, consequently, is simply to

play his given role- as do the sun and moon, the various animal and plant species, the waters,

the rocks, and the stars- without resistance, without

fault; and then, if possible, so to order his mind as

to identify its consciousness with the inhabiting principle

of the Whole.

…..Joseph Campbell

to arrive

 We start out so innocent and fresh, knowing nothing of pain or breaking. We arrive with unblocked energy, all aglow. We begin as if washed in a golden bath, as if each soul is dropped in its body like water in a mouth, and then we embark, crystalline and barely ready. This is what the Twi of West Africa believe and the God who bathes the souls before birth is Nyame. But, whatever the name, we are born with a light that constantly looks for ways to shine forth, each of us the courier of an energy that wants only to join with its original ocean. In truth, I have always been stunned by the mercilessness of light, how it never misses a beat, showering its irrepressible beauty no matter how pained we are; never dimming for the dying, always flooding the broken. And I have come to accept that its insistence induces us to heal, forcing us to move from the darker center of our pain, forcing us to interact with things still living. The light within merging with the light without- this is renewing, if we can shed what continues to accrue in between. We begin to survive the paradox of feeling and through the experience of light, within and without, we are slowly empowered by that Divine Reality immanent in everything………Mark Nepo

2 thoughts on “the sanctity of our fragility

  1. To truly understand our own worth, we must make a daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are. That means having the strength to be less than perfect, to be vulnerable, and to be mindful for that which we hold, that which we carry. When we’ve done that, I believe we gain a new compassion for ourselves, and for others. It is a sense of belonging and light that occurs only when we are accepting that we are enough. Then, surely, light flows through the scars and the bones the same. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • our scars, our talismans……yes, and oh isn’t the loneliness really a remembrance of our connection to others….how we all share that space of ‘not enough’…….this may be the stillpoint where movement and deep inertia cross….may the clouds roll by under your quiet heart today Bobbie….

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