imagination meets wonderment


Imagination is an incorrigible child forever at play with frivolities when reason is doing serious work. Daydreams wander in and out of consciousness, interrupting concentrated thought. As rationality gains exclusive control over our lives we drive out our daydreams. They are flights from reality into fancy, trips taken at the expense of the boss, the job, the problem that has to be solved. All true. Daydreams deliver us into the private world of unfulfilled desire and let us taste forbidden pleasures that are sweeter than work, duty, responsibility, honor, gentility, and moderation. They are disturbers of the peace, but we ignore them at our own peril. Without them the psyche shrivels. The more we know about the kaleidoscopic worlds of desire the more we are likely to be able to make satisfying choices. Paradoxically, when we stay in touch with our most outrageous fantasies our path toward realistic goals is most direct. When we allow the child within us free play it is easier to enjoy our self-chosen responsibilities………S. Keen & A. Valley-Fox

to live creatively may mean to come to the edge of the not-so-pretty edge of oneself…..the deep imagination has its own rewards and our finest moment may be a breakthrough to inner forces not recognizable without jumping off the cliff first…..

The hero must venture forth from the world of commonsense consciousness into a region of supernatural wonder. There he encounters fabulous forces- demons and angels, dragons and helping spirits. After a fierce battle, he wins a decisive victory over the powers of darkness. Then he returns from his mysterious adventure with the gift of knowledge or fire, which he bestows on his fellow man…..Joseph Campbell


Without this playing with fantasy

no creative work has ever yet come to birth.

The debt we owe

to the play of imagination is incalculable.

…..C.G. Jung

4 thoughts on “imagination meets wonderment

  1. Beautiful, thought provoking post. Such encouragement for celebrating our imaginations! Love it all, but especially your Jung quote to conclude with. Wow. xo Gina

  2. Each day, we learn again the way we came. We breathe in the joy that is forgiveness, that is becoming us, our love, our one sure truth. Our hearts are tuned again and again. Always just love…….<3

    • such a lovely way to feel the surrender of curiosity……in the day’s movement, the play of our senses…….to create anew……love to you Bobbie…..

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