moving toward higher ground


How would our day look or feel if we knew ourselves as Beloved? What is the experience of washing the floor, paying the bills, or buying groceries as the Beloved? How does the Beloved cook a meal, reorganize the closet, clean the toilet? There is something here- the source of how to live fully, filled with gratitude, mindful & able to bring ourselves to the moment & the task that is here. When we know ourselves as Beloved, we act with confidence in our belonging, cultivating the heart’s hospitality to ourselves & others……Oriah Mountain Dreamer

coming from the raw and unfinished places……moving toward the misunderstood and romanticized places…..then settling into the swirling chaos of the heart……all good…..

The ugliest facts of life will find you no matter where you hide. No matter how bright you shine, some will always find you dull. No matter your beauty, some will see ugliness. No matter your grace, some will only notice your shortcomings.

However, this is not your fault nor is it your doing. Do not concern yourself with the perceptions from others and do not take anything personally.

Take nothing from strangers except directions, kindness and knowledge.

Because why take anything else?

You have everything you need right in front of you. Everywhere you look, literally, there is light. Everywhere you look, literally, there is life. Even with your eyes closed, there are many beautiful things to see. Focus on these things – the light and the life – and you will be okay.

You will be okay because deep down, you know that you find only what you search for.  Deep down, you recognize that what you decide to search for is all that matters.

This search has a name. It is called Life.

I’ve had enlightened conversations with third world prostitutes, taken motorcycle rides with strange French surf bums, and cuddled a Vietnamese chicken on an overnight bus ride. I’ve crossed borders on boats, taken taxis to nowhere, and been mugged in the daytime streets and robbed on a moonlit beach. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve made amends, but I’ve also made a life and I encourage you to do the same.

Go and do that thing that scares you. Climb a mountain, take that chance, and be that person that leads that group to do that thing that time that you’ve always wanted to do because “that” will be a good day. Express your heart, loudly and clearly, every chance you can. Sleep under the stars, cry under the moon and stumble face first into all of those glittering gutters that so many never escape from.

Make mistakes (but never the same one twice). Get sick. Fall down. Have adventures. Inspire yourself. Love everything. Create opportunities. Pinch potential as it walks past searching for a place to rest its head. Be raw. Tear yourself open and have a look around inside. Smile at a sunset and break dance with a break down. Push your memories aside and let the present have a turn at the wheel.

Trust your gut. Nurture your awareness and give some thought to uncertainty when it seemingly appears from nowhere, pokes you in the arm and begs you for attention. When you’re scared, take note. When you’re not scared, take notes. Grow. Learn. Evolve. Be better than you thought you could be.

Above all else, through the pouring rainstorms of your soul and down across all of the frozen wastelands of apathy and evil that you may witness, never stop celebrating. In time, you will learn that every emotion is a gift, that hardship is a younger, dirtier version of wisdom, and that we are all, each of us, miracles in a constant state of grace…….Long Distance Love Bombs

what does it mean to love?

You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments that stand out, the moments when you have really lived, are the moments when you have done things in a spirit of love…….Henry Drummond


2 thoughts on “moving toward higher ground

  1. I have to laugh (which I love to do) because as I was reading this, I was thinking of how I cut my husband’s food up. Not all of it, but if we’re having chicken, I cut it up…….. It’s something I inherited from my father I think. When I was small, most food came from our garden. Steak was a big deal, but my parent’s couldn’t afford individual steaks so they bought the cheapest cuts, which quite often were larger pieces. My dad cut and distributed the meat……and though some might have focused on the shortage, I focused on the abundance – the love with which this was done.

    I’ve often thought of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples the same way.

    A few year’s back, I was attending a graduation dinner for my niece. My parents were in attendance as well, and due to his Parkinson’s, my father struggled with his food. He would not allow my mother to help him, and it was breaking my heart. Finally, I reached for the fork and knife, ‘Here, daddy, let me do that. I had the very best teacher in the world, so I know exactly how it’s done.’ Funny how different something seems when viewed as a gift rather than a responsibility, love rather than anything less. Thank you for this, blue. ~ Ever only love, Bobbie

    • oh your story soothes the raw and tender bruises we all hold……like looking at suffering and longing as a new way to celebrate our love for each other……your tender heart lingers with me Bobbie…..

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